Verizon Raped My Family

October 22, 2011

My name is Neal W. Dias and I reside in Swansea Massachusetts.  I am a former employee of Verizon Communications, and I have a story that I would like to share with you and the world.

My story is no different than many other Americans working in corporate America. What makes my story unique is that I am refusing to walk away from a battle with Verizon Corporation, simply because they have more money, power and connections than I do.  I will not back down from Verizon’s bullying and power, so I decided to say, “NO.”

I have decided to elevate my stand against bad treatment that was directed towards me, and other employees at Verizon.

My story is about patience, respect, sacrifice, honor, dignity, courage, determination, pain and hard work all in the name of justice.  It is about one man fighting for the right to be heard.  It is about a man that cannot give up because the odds are against him, or that the outcome is predetermined.  It’s about doing what’s right for his family and all mankind.

There is a time in one’s life that no matter the outcome or how long it takes, you have to make a stand for justice. On July 4th, 1776, the Greatest Country on Earth had the courage to say that it’s time to make a stand. Our founding fathers drafted a constitution to protect the rights of all mankind. On that day they did not say, “If you have money or power you have a right to justice.”

I stand before you after seven years still making a stand against Verizon for all the right reasons.  I stand against Verizon for condoning racism, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, bullying, hostile work environment, abuse and the unethical treatment that I was faced with while working at Verizon.  But my stand ultimately, is for justice, accountability and respect.

Many may wonder why I decided to name this title page (and my book to be), “Verizon Raped My Family.” As offensive as this may sound, I was looking for something that clearly defined how outrageous the violation was that Verizon inflicted upon my family. One of the definitions of rape is defined as, “An Outrageous Violation.”

There were many immoral acts that were caused by Verizon lower management that were protected and covered up by Verizon’s upper management.  These acts to my family and I were a violation of my human rights. These acts hampered my ability to live with dignity, work in a safe and healthy environment and be treated as an equal receiving equal justice while working for Verizon.

To express the outrage that I have experienced as a former employee of Verizon, I have reached out requesting help, accountability and justice from:

1. US Department of Justice, US Attorney General’s Office, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and the Massachusetts Governor’s Office   (to help ensure Verizon will be held accountable, liable and punished for their cover-ups in both the Equal Employment Opportunity and Corporate Security Investigation that I opened and felt it was overlooked).

2. Massachusetts Bar Association (regarding questions of possible unethical abuse of power, judicial prejudice and misrepresentation by Verizon’s Attorney).

My case is a serious matter and I believe that many laws have been broken, covered up and back room deals have been made, and ultimately I was terminated from Verizon.  In my press release to the media, you will uncover a lot of incriminating information on Verizon’s behalf.

It is said that, “If you keep hiding from doing the right thing in the world, eventually it will come to your front door.”  Today is that day for Verizon.  I did not ask for this challenge or burden, it was put upon me and I have no choice but to answer the call.

I have been asked time and time again by so many people: “What do you really want out of all of this?”  From 2004 (when this all began) up to the present (August of 2011), in seven and a half years it never changed – it’s still the same.  I am looking for Accountability and Justice.

If it takes my life to do so, I will go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if need be.  If that’s what it will take, then that it what I will do.

I read a statement in response to a blog, from an article placed in the Boston Globe on November 17, 2008.  It stated in reference to anyone being wrongfully terminated by Verizon; “Verizon is a big enough company to make a common man starve, and hold their employees and their families’ hostage, until they cave to the wishes of the company in desperation.”

Verizon has already devastated my life, so today I have no choice but to continue to make my stand for honor and dignity, even to the end.

“The hope of a secure and livable world lies with the disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.”

Martin Luther King

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns about any information included, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Neal W. Dias

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