Today is a huge day for my family and I involving my case against Verizon Communications.  Today my case will be handed over to the judge for the second time. I am hoping and praying to be granted a trial by jury.
I have always believed in God’s power, and that he will grant my family and I justice against the injustice that I have had to deal with at Verizon.  Verizon and their attorneys are in no way more powerful than God and my faith in the Lord.  He has guided me and provided me with strength and courage in this war.  May the Lord stand over me and my family today, as we await the answer from the Federal Courts in Boston.  It may take days, weeks, or months.  Whichever it may be, my faith will never alter.

I have realized that this case and my cause to seek justice against Verizon is bigger that I am.  I have learned over time and especially recently since I posted my press release online to the world, how important this really is to so many.  I witnessed this through emails, calls and blogs.  I see how huge this really is and meaningful it is.  I believe this is the beginning of justice against Verizon.
For too long, abusive treatment was rendered to so many employees at Verizon.  Torment was the norm.  Intentional targeting and bullying enforced from the top down, punishment is near for those abusers.  Verizon has known about their offenders, covered them up and conspired to protected them far all too long.

Verizon should look at the downfall of Penn State, and understand the world will know of their poor treatment from within as well. Eventually, people who lie, and cover up evil, do suffer the consequences.

Remember, this story has to continue.  Please post and pass on my blog to all.  This is the only way we can stamp out abuse, bullying, racism and harassment at Verizon and in Corporate America.

Neal W. Dias
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