Next week, I will begin a commitment to emailing a letter that I have been working on about Verizon, and workplace bullying, to each and every politician in every State across this Country.

I will let them know, the magnitude of what it does to each and every family involved.  I will show them the ignorance of Verizon’s statements in depositions, on how they support workplace bullying, and the management who enforces it.

I will ask them to support a National Healthy Workplace Bill, to improve our society, and improve the health of so many.  I will provide them with endless ruthless examples of what Verizon did to me, and continue to do to my family as well as others.

I will also reach out to the media, to continue to expose Verizon, and use them as a forefront to this cause.

Verizon’s money buys them the right to bully, abuse and sabotage families.  As history in the bible has shown us, time and time again, even the most powerful leaders and countries fell, because of greed and misused power.

Verizon will fall, and so will their bullies.

Neal Dias