Tomorrow, April 30, 2012, I am speaking at the Capital, in Albany New York.  I will be speaking personally to several legislators about the importance of making the “Healthy Workplace Bill,” a Law.

Nine and a half months after I had advised Verizon at mediation, that I was done with them continuing to bullying me.  I advised them that I not afraid of taking them on no matter the emotional and financial cost.  I advised them that I was going to expose them to the world – for what they did to my family and I.

Tomorrow I a huge day, for me and for you as well, as employees of companies that treat you like Verizon did to me.  Following me meetings, I will also be interviewed, at a press conference followed up with questions and answers.

Verizon did not take me serous, as they laughed, because they are so powerful, and I am nothing to the, but I did not.  What Verizon did to me, is just so outrageous and now the momentum has taken shape.

My ultimate goal is to foster the energy that I have gained through all my supporters, and to get on the floor in Washington DC, to tell my story as well.

Making this Bill, a Law, will allow perpetrators like Verizon, to be held accountable for their unethical abuse to their employees, no matter what color you are.

In the near future I will start phase 3 of this journey towards Justice, against Verizon.  In the process, I will push for this Bill, to become Law, using Verizon and what they did to me, as the foundation to pass it.

Who would ever thought, me at the Capital, talking to Powerful Politicians, trying to get a law passed.  I guess my pain, sacrifice and suffering will indeed help so many, within and outside of Verizon.

May the Lord Bless me tomorrow!

Verizon, Can you hear me now!

Neal Dias

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