To all:

I just arrived home from a long and tiring day.  As I was standing there today, at the Capital Building today in Albany New York, with Senator’s, Representatives, and Advocates, by my side, I was amazed.

The press conference with camera’s everywhere and news stations taping this event.  I was offered an incredible opportunity that will magnify my story about Verizon to a whole new level.  In the process, it will change lives.

I cannot get into this as of now, because I am tired.  After gathering pictures from my trip, pictures with these politicians, and the YouTube video, I will post it all for you to share, and pass on.

I promised Verizon, I will never forget what they did to me, and they will never forget me either.  In the end, the cost of what they did to my family, will revert to them.  I am going to continue to embarrass them and expose them for LIFE!

Today, is just the next step in a magnifying, and powerful momentum in this fight for justice.

Today was the height of this journey, into passing a bill into law, hopefully soon starting in New York.  When it does, I will be there for this signing in celebration to a step in Victory.

Verizon’s name, and their tortured ways have now rang in the halls of the Capital Building in New York, and will ring through every halls, in every Capital in this Country.  I was given words of wisdom, by a Senator, and will act on it.

Verizon – I am coming for you, and will not stop at nothing, until I feel I found JUSTICE for what you did to my family.

Neal W. Dias