Over the course of time, I have spoken to people all over the country personally, as well as received emails from all over the world.

Each and every story has touched my heart, and kept an impression in my mind.  But over this last week, I heard a few stories that have kept me up at night.

I have heard from professionals, well educated, incredibly successful, but dying inside.  When they decided to challenge the bullying that was taken place, in their work environments, it cost them their lives and careers.

I heard of the same feelings that I felt at one time.  I heard them say they feel dead inside, even though their body was moving.  They lost their confidence, and family life.  They were no longer happy and so emotional drained.

One woman from California, made me cry when she told me, that she purchased her plot / grave site, just recently as she does not think she can handle the emotional trauma any longer from being a victim of workplace bullying.  She fells that she is too old, to get the paying job she once had, and will suffer too much financially to regain her life back.

The other, is so hurt by the school department in Lawrence Mass, whom preaches Anti-Bullying to kids, but allows the teachers to have been bullied by the former Principal for all too many years.  Her sad story about giving up, on life and family destroyed.

Another told me about her son taking his life in the later 20’s as it was related to being bullied.

Since, October when I had launched my world wide campaign to expose Verizon for what they did to me, my life has taken on a different path!

I pray each day for all the victims, in the world (past, present and future) who have had to suffer from the inexcusable and immoral behaviors, for which companies refuse to accept responsibility for.

I have been working with attorneys that I know and other people to help me launch something huge, in my continued campaign.  One day, laws will help to hold companies and people accountable on Workplace Bullying – mark my word!

It is time, and that time is now.

Neal W. Dias