Enough is Enough – Stop Workplace Bullying

I need all your help, the help of all your friends, co-workers and family members – and we need it now:

PLEASE, click on this link below, to help the legislators know in your state that we need, “The Healthy Workplace Bill” to be passed into law. Click on to your state, and you will see the: “HWCE-Z Letter E-Mailing Tool,” will be right on that page. It will only take one minute; them please post this message on your site, and send through your email list. We cannot complain of workplace issues, and not take the time to change things:

Its not about color, size, religion, sexual preferences, it’s about respect and justice.


Neal W. Dias
(Former Verizon Employee)
Blog page: “Enough is Enough – Stop Workplace Bullying”