Sexual Harassment at Verizon:

Today Verizon wrote up a female linewoman by the name of, “Leeann St. Pierre” out of New Bedford Massachusetts.  Leeann (a female) outside technician had to use the restroom at the end of the day, before driving 30 minutes back to the garage.

Leeann (being a woman), not having the same opportunity in which a male lineman (including myself) has.  Often when lineman had to go to the restroom, the male lineman can and have always went to the restroom in the field.  They use the double doors, and close themselves off from the public and go.

Leeann and her female partner cannot respectfully do this, and if caught could be prosecuted for as a sexual offender. Leeann was written up today because she and her female partner at work could not hold it in any longer.

Leeann’s boss in New Bedford was the same manager that Leeann complained to Verizon Ethics for touching her inappropriately.  Verizon’s response when Leeann reported this sexual and unwelcome harassment was, “He only touched you once!”

A woman knows when she is being sexually harassed and touched inappropriately.  Verizon once again, ignores victims and condones sexual acts.  There treatment of woman is inexcusable.

Now (maybe it’s just me), but it seems as though Leeann is getting targeted and future harassment from this previous claim.

The ignorance of Verizon I see continues, even when there were two witnesses who came forward to support her claim of sexual harassment, and Verizon continues to protect their own.

Leeann, it will not go unnoticed.  I will post this on every woman’s page, sexual harassment pages and links.  It will go on my blogs and all over the world.

I am proud of you, and so many women will be as well.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

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