BREAKING NEWS: Healthy Workplace Bill Passes Another Hurdle‏

Everyone, this is Neal Dias a resident of Massachusetts and a victim on Workplace Bullying that took place at Verizon.

I have become a voice of change in the goal to help every employee in my state and others across the country.

We have active bills in place all across this country that are so close to becoming law. Right now we need your help in Massachusetts.

Please read below and help to spread the word NOW!

We cannot complain, if we do not act when the time is called upon us to do so. It is
Our time, it is now.

Upon completion of helping Massachusetts, go on: “The Healthy Workplace Bill” link to see what you can do in your state,


On May 30, the Healthy Workplace Bill moved on from a second reading in the House. It has now been sent for a third reading.

We have until July 31, 2012 to get this bill passed this session before we have to re-introduce it in January. While we’re waiting for direction from State House lobbyists, we’re working to spread the word as much as possible about the bill:

– Write a letter to the editor of your local paper describing why you support the Healthy Workplace Bill. If you need assistance and would like us to proofread your letter, e-mail Read an example:

– Reach out to civil rights groups about their possible support and encourage them to notify their group about the bill. E-mail with results.

– Post a link to this slideshow on Facebook to educate others on the Healthy Workplace Bill:

– Share your personal story on E-mail your story to

– Sign the petition:

– Forward a link to the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill website and new blog about the making of the bill into law to your friends:

– Pass around a Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill Fact Sheet:


Get updates on the progress of the bill on social media:
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– Write to 10 employment lawyers, social workers, and psychologists about the Healthy Workplace Bill. Ask them to tell their clients about the bill. Download the letter template:

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates

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