Verizon being sued over FMLA – Federal Violations

Verizon is once again proved to be an enormous bully.  They believe that they can do just about anything they want to just about anyone they choose.  Pass this on to all the union heads ASAP!  Contact the head IBEW / CWA asap.  Let them know so they can pass this on to all their members!!!!

One of my biggest issues against Verizon was discrimination of FMLA time used. It is well know that Verizon management didn’t like workers using their FMLA time. Yet it seems like more workers are coming out of the woodwork making the very same claim. Verizon would be breaking Federal Law if this is proven in a court of law.

Verizon employees, I urge you to contact your attorney if your rights were violated as well.  Have your attorney contact the attorney’s handling this case as well.

The court said the individual claims could go to trial. (Oakley v.

Verizon Communications, No. 09-CIV-9175, SD NY, 2012)