Verizon Screwed Me

Posted Sat October 12, 2002, by Thomas S. written to Verizon Local Telephone (and FIOS)

The world thrives on communication today, which is why I’m so upset with the experience at Verizon Local Telephone, a situation that’s very frustrating. Quite honestly, I’m furious about this issue. Just for the record, here’s my telephone information: 631 348-0463.

I was a manager with Verizon for 18 years. Because I wanted to report workplace violence to security, my boss threatened to fire me. When I did not comply with her constant threats, I was terminated! I even received death threats in the mail! And Verizon used their force reduction to oust me, after keeping me out on a paid leave for 10 months while they planned this trickery! There is a lot more to this than I will go into now.

You have two choices: You can chose to contact me to discuss this further OR you can ignore me and keep your eyes on the news headlines because I have enough dirt on this company, including photos, recordings, witnesses, etc., to make EXCELLENT reading. This will make the NYNEX Pervert Convention look like a childs birthday party!

Because of what Verizon and their unethical practices did to me for trying to uphold what they “claim” is their Code of Ethics, my two young girls will be deprived of what I could have done for them had I still had my job. And since nothing is more important than my kids, I WILL CONTINUE to fight, write, publicize, etc. until I get the results I want!

If I do not hear from you by November 1, 2002, my information goes to the media.