Verizon DSL Customers:

Below is the link to the class action suit filed against Verizon in California. I attached at the bottom is the link to the filed copy of the suit. This will provide you with the outline and contact information of the Class Action suit against Verizon.

On this filed copy is the Law Firm that filed on behalf of these victims that were lied to by Verizon.

I called today to offer information to this firm on what I do know about Verizon neglect to their copper wires, and the falsification of what and how they provide their DSL Services to their customers.

Verizon passes their DSL Service trough burnt out copper lines. Verizon will send their technicians out to clean pairs, and often the technicians will report to management that the copper lines will not push the speed the customer’s request. There are technicians and managers that will request for these poor copper lines to be replaced, as will even go as far to write an order to be replaced. Verizon will deny the order in the engineering department, as there is not enough money to upkeep the copper lines, often called the “plant.”

Finally, someone one went after Verizon for LYING on their DSL Service. I challenge all Verizon copper line / DSL customers to contact this firm in California and ask them to help you find a firm or join in this class action lawsuit against Verizon.

It will not be hard to prove when this law firm deposes the management / technicians in the installation and maintenance and / or construction department that works on the DSL, to tell the truth about what they see in the field.

I will offer my knowledge of what I have witnessed as well.

Verizon has full knowledge of this country wide, so let’s ensure we make a stand, now.

This is the link to the law firm in California by the name of: DeBlase, Brown and Everly.

• Atty Patrick DeBlase
• Atty Michael Everly
• 310-575-9955

You pain for DSL Service and that Verizon had full knowledge of not providing do something about it. Just make a call!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

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