Justice in the End – A Victory for all.

By the grace of God, and the blessing from my father, 24 hours ago I was advised by my attorney that the Federal Court judge granted me a TRIAL!!

8 ½ years of fighting for justice against Verizon for unethical and immoral treatment, justice is finally here.

Just 1 year ago, Verizon assured me that I would NEVER see the court room or justice, it was granted!!!!

This VICTORY against a HOSTILE company like Verizon is a WIN for so many that could not go the distance.  It is for all of the people each day that go to work is so many companies with the best intentions, only to be demoralized and abused.

Thank you, so much for the support as it means the world to my family, and I.  This is not over, but it is a major hurdle in the fight for justice.  But I do have a trial ahead of me, and that is all I have asked for.  Now the truth will be told in a jury trial, to my peers.  These perpetrators now have no choice to finally tell the truth in Federal Court or suffer further perjury charges which does have consequences.

May the Lord Bless all of you in the fight against workplace bullying and other injustices at your employment?

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

                                                                                                                  Edmund Burke

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