SISFI launches new series “Healthy Workplace & Workplace Abuse/Violence Awareness” on SISFI Radio to bring more focus, attention, awareness to the issues.

Workplace Abuse/Violence is a very serious and sometimes hidden threat that affects people on physical and mental levels. It manifests into social and mental health impacts that are sometimes not seen until something very serious happens to the victim which by them is sometimes too late. Unfair treatment and practices of employers, management and co-workers makes the workplace a very stressful, depressing and uncomfortable place to be but because of the needs to provide for family, take care of bills, put food on the table and just to live people try to endure the abuse out of fear of being terminated/fired.

Many people are not familiar with the terms of Workplace Bullying, Workplace Abuse and Workplace Violence even when they themselves are going through it and being impacted by the signs and symptoms. Our society doesn’t do enough to educate and make aware of the issues until something happens on a major level that brings media attention. Unfortunately, the lives, wellbeing and many are hanging in the balance as they continue to suffer from the impacts of these issues without any solution to addressing them.

Our Panelists are:

Ms. Sherry Callahan, Georgians for Ending Stalking and Workplace Bullying

Mr. Mike Schlicht, New York Healthy Workplace Advocates “NYHWA“

Mr. Tom Witt, New York Healthy Workplace Advocates “NYHWA“

Mr. Neal Dias, Healthy Workplace Advocate and Victim

Mr. Mel Dening, Healthy Workplace Advocate and Victim

Mr. Felix Nater, Workplace Violence Prevention Expert/Consultant

We are going to talk about the real issues and bigger impacts of this silent threat that’s killing many people and ruining families through issues like suicides, homicide, gun violence, mass shootings, mental health (stress, emotional stress, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder PSTD, fear), Physical Health (tiredness, insomnia, vision issues, body aches/pains, loss of appetite, isolation, heart attacks), marriage/relationship strains (separations, divorce, domestic abuse/violence), unemployment and one’s ability to withstand the daily and constant abuse from management and co-workers in the workplace. Sometimes the abuse extends from the workplace and into the home without you realizing it and by then the impacts are on multiple levels.

Some marriages and relationships have been ruined and broken due to the impacts on the individual who is no longer able to uphold their mental and physical strength from the abuse. This causes problems for the children involved in the relationship as they too are seeing the issues and feeling the impacts on various levels.

Family life becomes harder as one has to deal with the balancing the mental/psychological strains as a result of the unhealthy workplace and anything that affects family life affects the community at large.

So join us for this great dialog and first in a series of shows on the real issues and impacts of Workplace Abuse/Violence on our society today and hear from experts in the fight to bring more awareness, legislation and resources to stop, mitigate and support the victims of these heinous acts.

Please invite your friends and family as we are all impacted by this issue directly or indirectly. You can listen via phone at 347.989.8875 or online via the show page at

We look forward to a great dialog on the issues and educating people on the real impacts and how a life can be controlled, manipulated and changed by others through selfish and nefarious ways.

Thank you very much and have a great day. We appreciative your patronage and look forward to serving you more.

~Brett A. Scudder~

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