Verizon: Plenty Of Good Middle Class Jobs But Would You Want To Work There?

By Claire Gordon
Posted Sep 14th 2012 @ 10:43AM


Verizon hiring for Verizon jobs

Verizon often ranks on the “Best Places to Work” and “most admired” company lists, thanks to its ample salaries, generous benefits, impressive diversity and well-regarded training program. Yet many of the company’s employees, former and current, are on a tear about the phone carrier, accusing it of slipping off its moral perch, harassing employees who demand their rights, outsourcing and contracting good jobs, and punishing union members who dare to push back. But given the diminished supply of secure middle class jobs across the country, does Verizon still deserve its accolades? And why do so many workers there seem so miserable?

The company rose from the dust of AT&T’s anti-trust breakup in 1984, when the Bell Atlantic and GTE corporations merged in 2000 — one of the largest mergers in U.S. history. Rebranding itself as “Verizon,” it’s the 15th largest company in the country, with over $2.4 billion in profits, and almost 200,000 employees, according to Statistics Brain.

And those employees have a pretty sweet deal. Network engineers earn an average of $72,000 a year, according to Software engineers take home $88,000. Customer service reps make an average of $36,000 — 20 percent more than customer service reps on average. Training magazine ranked Verizon’s training program the top in the country, and employees log more than 9 million training hours a year, according to Verizon spokesman Ray McConville.

The 45,000 unionized employees on the landline side of the business have benefits that hark to an earlier era: completely free health insurance, vision and dental; job security; profit-sharing; yearly wage increases; a pension like in the good old days; and while almost all Americans are entitled to three months of leave per year for the birth of a child or a health issue, for these employees, that leave is paid.

With the landline business shrinking, and non-union competition on the rise, Verizon has driven a hard bargain in the latest round of union contract negotiations. In fact, after over a year, the details of the new contract are yet to be resolved. And many on, or formerly on, the Verizon payroll say that the austerity that has kept Verizon and the unions in gridlock for 13 months has been pernicious for a long, long time.

Neal Dias, a black man who shot up the Verizon ranks for over a decade, claims that he witnessed verbal abuse and threats at all levels, and then was blackballed when he complained: his work sabotaged, his bonuses reduced, forced to sit in the back of the room, told by white managers that he was a product of affirmative action, and ultimately fired in 2008.

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Since then, Dias has been waging a campaign against his former company. His petition, calling on Verizon to end its “relentless bullying tactics,” has been signed by 1,024 people, and his blog has 16,000 followers. Just this month, he was granted a trial in his case against the telecom goliath. Verizon spokesman Ray McConville said that he couldn’t comment on pending litigation.

“It used to be your parents would say go to the phone company. Get a good, solid union job — you’ll be set for life,” says New York attorney Carol Ryder. “Not anymore.”

Ryder says that she became accredited as a federal attorney just so she could battle Verizon on behalf of her husband, who she says was forced out of his job when Verizon suddenly — and illegally — took away the accommodation for his disabilities.

Her husband had a triple bypass and suffered several neurological diseases, she says, and so he did his engineering job at night, so that he could park close to the building and go on fewer long drives. When Verizon stopped offering those accommodations, her husband had to leave his job.

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Ryder’s husband isn’t the only one whose supposedly suffered this way. Last summer, Verizon paid out $20 million to a group of employees — the largest disability discrimination settlement in the history of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

While working on her husband’s case, Ryder sent out a clarion call to other Verizon employees who believe that they’ve been wronged, and she says that she’s received around 25 complaints so far. Mostly, she says, these employees claim they’ve been targeted for using their paid Family and Medical Leave Act time-off, as guaranteed in their union contracts. And a group of employees who charge Verizon with exactly this crime, were granted trial earlier this year.

When Verizon considers an employee too expensive, Ryder says, it will find any tiny excuse to fire the person. “You use too much toilet paper and you’re out. I’m exaggerating, but not by much.”

And according to Ryder, the company knows that with its superhero squad of lawyers, few employees have the resources or stamina to fight Verizon all the way to court. Ryder is currently searching for a law firm with another weight to throw around to take on Big Red. “Erin Brockovich couldn’t even handle this case,” she says.

But despite the droves of employees allegedly kicked to the curb by Verizon, many others defend the company, praising its benefits, salaries and stability, and complaining only about the conservative corporate culture, sometimes frustrating bureaucracy, and oppressive quotas for those who work in sales.

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One employee in Marlborough, Mass., writes on that the company shackles its workers in “golden handcuffs,” because the compensation is so hard to beat. But for many Americans, anything gold would be nice right now. And military veterans will find a particularly welcoming home at Verizon, which made G.I. Jobs’ Top 100 Military Friendly Employers.

For those interested in this making this bargain, Verizon is hiring everywhere from sales and engineering to IT and human resources. A person who applies online for a customer service job will have at least two interviews, one on the phone and one face-to-face. The questions focus on why you’re applying (“Why Verizon? Why do you want to leave your job? Where do you want to be in five years?”), and past situations that have tested your mettle (“Give an example of when you had to settle a conflict?”).

You may also have to take a personality test, which probes you on your typing and multitasking abilities, and on your likelihood to, say, have a violent meltdown or hide from human contact for days on end. A drug test and background check are also standard. And those applying for specialized jobs, like business consultant or software developer, should expect questions of the business and technical variety, respectively.

Despite accusations of foul play by some, Verizon remains a company that people stay at for decades. There’s a reason why the unions are holding firm in negotiations, claiming that Verizon’s demands and aggressive outsourcing threaten the American middle class. Unlike so many other companies, Verizon still offers true middle class jobs.

Looking for a job at Verizon? Start your search here.

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rhobbel, gpatt, dfdf and others
All the people who came forward and the cases were looked into are not “spoiled”. Many are not even union. The managers who came forward received edicts from the top to get rid of workers whatever way they had to. Sure, lots of jobs are “tough environments” (try working on Wall St, whether inside or outside the buildings-white or blue collar). However, that is not the case here. People may work 12 hour days, seven days a week in a tough environment, and never face what these people did. You would be exhausted and sick quickly with what these people were put through. If you took 200K employees and found out the truth, you would see this is a pernicious problem. Sure, maybe a 22 year old in an area with high unemp making $27K at first might think this is a great job…but what happens when he/she gets sick, hurt, reaches high-pay and mgrs told to RIF him or her (RIF=Reduction In Force), the division can finally be sold, jobs outsourced to other countries? What about when the company spins off divisions into stocks that tank and decimates whatever that worker has managed to put away, not just the 3% matching but he/she does the “traditional” save 20%…Lots of those 200K are afraid to complain because of the economy. They just go home and throw up, take blood pressure meds, see a psych and go back to work for more because they have to…then someday, when they need to stay out because that stress destroys their body and mind (stress=inflammation and Inflammation=medical conditions incl heart attack, stroke, arthritis, PTSD-like issues, neurological conditions, exacerbates existing medical problems, and so many more problems), they get RIFed. Do a study, over time, and see…I bet a LOT is going to come out on this, and they won’t be happy when they can hear us now.
Yesterday at 5:50 PM

Sounds like the workers were spoiled and probably started taking advantage so the company cracked down! The unions have made it so easy for employees to slack off and still get paid the same as someone that is doing a good job. The ones doing a good job start to slack off too because they grow tired of working hard while others don’t! Don’t you just love our socialist system here! Thanks unions!
Yesterday at 2:40 PM

BTW, pardon my errors in spelling and grammar, as well as form. I am trying to clear up a few misconceptions as started soon as I got back to the office and found out this this article was posted.
Yesterday at 2:27 PM

Verizon is one of the most stressful places to work. I know people in NY who told me first hand. The CS reps are under horrible stress when people have trouble with their equipment. People take all their frustrations out on them. Also, you are watched like a hawk – and practically every second is accounted for. Sure they pay more, but I know for some it could take a toll on health and well being.
Yesterday at 2:20 PM

no unions
Yesterday at 11:54 AM

You don’t have quite all the facts because it takes 64 pages in a Complaint just to write up what is done in just ONE case of MANY, where many of the civil Causes of Action involve criminal acts…Many times, these civil cases uncover what the gov doesn’t have the resources to prove-lots of crimes puishable by jail and fines, as well as restitution…the criminal acts uncovered, alleged and/or proven often are in the area of fraud , including but not limited to: providing false documents to a tribunal (like the EEOC), lying on sworn affidavits presented to a court, doctoring employee records, lying in sworn (meaning, under the penalty of criminal charges/jail) affidavits, reports, testimony and depositions, claiming the doctor looked at areas of the body where it was proven he never even had the victim remove his clothes…using intermediaries to keep pointing the blame, destroying documents, violating HIPAA (like giving an employee, asking for his medical records, VERY sensitive data about another employee…Thank goodness many states, incl NY, are “one-party taping” states, where people have been taped saying and even doing illegal things…To simplify, someone assaults someone and or cuts her head almost off…there is a criminal charge(s) and civil litigation, as here
Yesterday at 11:14 AM

Verizon has become like the merger of Bell Atlantic the GTE Corporation and AT&T. They seem to have a very strong lobbyis (is somebody sleeping with somebody???). This is not fair and they should be scrutinized and audited. At least during the Bell Atlantic, AT& T time other cellphone companies could have access in the subways. Now these companies have to pay Verizon. This is a monopoly and this should be stopped. Service is not that good although they claim they have trained employees. When I call I get different responses from different employees and do not have my problem solved at all. It is very frustrating indeed. I even tried emailing – no response. Also they pass you on to different departments – no good results at all.
Yesterday at 11:09 AM

Verizon has become like the merger of Bell Atlantic the GTE Corporation and AT&T. They seem to have a very strong lobbyis (is somebody sleeping with somebody???). This is not fair and they should be scrutinized and audited. At least during the Bell Atlantic, AT& T time other cellphone companies could have access in the subways. Now these companies have to pay Verizon. This is a monopoly and this should be stopped. Service is not that good although they claim they have trained employees. When I call I get different responses from different employees and do not have my problem solved at all. It is very frustrating indeed. I even tried emailing – no response. Also they pass you on to different departments – no good results at all.
Yesterday at 11:09 AM

For those who think the employees are whining…these are people who faced what all of us have faced and/or probably will face before we die-disabling conditions. Neal Dias’ website, BTW, has 16,000 followers and probably will have a heck of a lot more after this…he has testified before many lawmakers, on tv, cable, radio…this is a very widespread problem. What would you do, if, let us say, you worked out a lot and worked hard climbing up and down tel poles, happy to be productive and have a solid job even though the pay is not enough to live comfortably in high-cost areas. However, your whole family is here, and the kids have great schools, you know if something happens to you you have benefits, a pension, disability pension after 15 years, the government allows workers 3 months off FMLA leave a year so even if someday you lose the paid part of that, at least that is an option if something happens…NY’s Workers Comp laws stink and you know lots of people who lost great jobs due to disabilities on the job and WC didn’t even remotely pay, but you know you will be covered “if”…Then, something happens and you fall and on the way down, the helmet comes off…you split your head open…they miraculously save you, you are ready to go back to work, and you find out you are about to be fired…a manager claims he saw you without your helmet…when other workers band together and show you had it on-it just got caught on a gaffe (those little metal things sticking out so workers for the electric company, telco, etc. can climb, THEN they claim you didn’t have it on tightly enough or some silly thing…you come back and are Stepped almost to the point of firing (5 Steps and you are out) and IF you do any little thing wrong, they will fire you…How about if that worker does what happened to someone else in another part of the country (making minor changes to protect the innocent)…breaks a $10 item accidentally and a mgr claims he saw the worker angrily toss it to the ground THEN run over it with a truck . So, worker was fired…the worker happens to be a relative of a whistleblower, has been subject to minority discr for years but tolerated it…NO ONE will take on VZ for less than $100K and it is NOT b/c of greed-they know VZ will fight anything and everything…his family and friends proved the mgr was lying and he was reinstated but ONLY on very thin ice…what if you had cancer (probably caused by 9-11 “dust” and asbestos in the VZ building), and VZ did what they did to all worikers with VZ stock and did a spin-off to get rid of a lousy unit and you lost $190K…and had to fight them for EIGHT years pro se (by himself). they spent far more than the $187K your spouse (thought soon-to-be-widow/widower) needed…I could give you at LEAST 100 more example, and more now that the article came out but you get the idea…
Yesterday at 10:55 AM

“And a group of employees who charge Verizon with exactly this crime, were granted trial earlier this year.”
Sorry, it is not a “crime.” It is a civil righs violation NOT punished by the criminal statutes. If it were a crime then either the Federal Prosecutors or State Prosecutors would bring a criminal complaint.

These are civil wrongs and since a corporation cannot be put into jail, then money damages are the only remedy. Basic journalistic faux pas on this very simple point.
Yesterday at 10:09 AM

They employ 200,000 people. of course some of them are going to have bad experiences. thats like say im going to flip a coin three times and they will all land on heads.
From the numbers listed here they are doing what a good company should do. Thats; most importantly training employees to be knowledgable, and secondly paying, more, for those employees (the high salaries).
Also an employee who complains is like cancer you gotta cut it out before it spreads. If the guy cant handle a tough environment like that then he doesn’t deserve the pay. Get over it, and don’t blame them for your problems. Others will flock to have your job and pay, and Verizon will still flourish because of the job training and pay.
Yesterday at 9:46 AM

A lot of ex-verizon employees work for our company. They say that abusive management makes working there a living hell.
Yesterday at 9:34 AM

Lots of money in the tech field, no doubt. I don’t think Verizon has that many jobs currently.

This is the “what if you could” type of article.
Yesterday at 7:52 AM

Except they make their customer service reps lie. I was told by the phone rep that the reason I should pay more for 2 phones from them and an additional $80 per phone for the chargers and worthless covers (you can’t answer the phone unless you take it out of the cover. WTF?), was because going through Costco and saving $20 on the phones and getting the accesories free would require me to buy a new contract that was more expensive and missing my loyalty and government lackey discounts. Went to Costco to ask and she had flat out lied. They just extended my existing contract discounts intact, gave me free accessories for both phones and saved me $180. I have a loyalty discount because I’ve been with Verizon for a very long time. They used to have stellar service. I am definitely going to be doing some serious research before it’s time to re-up in two years.
Yesterday at 7:51 AM

I worked for GTE Mobilnet and then Verizon Wireless. The leadership there was simply a joke. If you lied to customers and added data plans or whatever the item was depending on the month you were a hero. Verizon Wireless has no intent on any morally correct form of business. Patrick Lewis in the Midwest Region will lie to your face with no regrets. Be an honest employee there and find yourself with no chance of advancement. I made my decision to leave when they awarded the customer service of the year trophy to someone who did not even have a full command of the english language. However it did make them look good, since Verizon Wireless has had major problems with diversity issues in the past. Overall, the money is really good if you are willing to lie to customers each and everyday. If you do have Verizon Wireless the actual phone service is awesome, but check your bill monthly. RSR (retail sales reps) will add things to your account just to makes their numbers look better and make more money. Every manager, district manager or regional manger is a total fraud. If you ever worked for Verizon Wireless in Indianapolis you know what I mean. If you are latina, black, or female you will get promoted regardless of your talent or experience. Willing to lie to customers every day? If your answer is yes…by all means apply for a position at Verizon Wireless.
Yesterday at 12:22 AM

Thank God I retired from Bell Atlantic a few months before the merger that created Verizon. I started with the company straight out of the military in 1969. We worked hard but the atmosphere was like a country club. Everyone seemed to like each other. The bosses acted like regular human beings. That went on for pretty much my whole first 20 years there. Things started to change I’d say around 1989. The bosses became harder, (Pressure from the top), And the co worker who’d been together for 20 years didn’t seem to like each other anymore. Competition over overtime seem to have been the biggest issue between them. The company seemed to stop caring about the customers. After about 10 years of the new attitude, I decided to retire and give it up. I’m not at all surprised by the stress expressed by some of the posters on this site. Some of us former employees saw this time coming a long time ago. I’m just grateful I was able to get out when I did. Hang in there guys and girls.
Yesterday at 10:40 PM

To all fios customers who can’t get their issues resolved with customer service whether it is credits owed or bill issues, please contact the Vice President of the Potomac district Christopher Childs at He is the best. Former William and Mary football player.
Yesterday at 10:22 PM

that’s one of the reasons they hire mostly people from India ,they don’t complained ,they do a good job ,they are smart ,and they work cheap ,we Americans are always complaining about everything and demanding, pay races days off ,vacations ,sick days, personal days and benefits that is why unemployment is at an all time high ,with no end in sight !
Yesterday at 10:09 PM

I worked for a Contract Company for Verizon. We did the all the same things as people who worked directly for the company, but we only got paid $8.00 an hr…And the benefit’s were horrible…Just basic insurance for just myself cost me $90 every 2 week’s…It was the worst job I EVER HAD!!!! I prefer fast food over that garbage of a job! Yes, They have ok cell service, but but It Cost WAY to much money! My husband and I had a plan through Verizon, 2 line’s, we shared 750 minute’s, and 1000 text message’s a month, and unlimited internet, and it cost us $150, and that’s while I was working for the company. I now have Straight Talk(Can only get it in the South) and I get Awesome service, and For 2 line’s Unlimited EVERYTHING is a little less than $100 a month!!!!
Yesterday at 8:54 PM

I worked for verizon for 23 years and took early retirement. I was in outside plant. I was happpy that they took me in for employment . They are like any big corporation where there is a lot of back stabing lots of dirty politics they have spys out in the field, but still I am thankful for the job which I did have.
Yesterday at 8:44 PM

Verizon has become a corporate pig. Big profits for the top leaders and slavery for the grunts
Yesterday at 8:24 PM

This is primarily about one side of the company. They speak of Verizon, but have a graphic of Verizon Wireless. They are almost two different monsters because of wireless lack of union, unless something has changed and wireless now has one. Lack of union allows wireless management to get away with so much more. There is a high rate of “stress leave” Yes you have medical, but this job will force you to use it. And the excuse management will give you is that it customers are the stress when in fact the leadership is the stress. I once heard a district manager tell a tech rep that she was a failure, mind you this woman had customers that only wanted to speak with her because of how good she was. I wouldn’t wish Verizon wireless on my worst enemy and I hear land line is no better, even with the union. If you consider working for this company speak with your doctor and do some research into some local mental hospitals. I have had two doctors told me of a high level of employees they treat from Verizon due to stress and anxiety, and that the local mental hospital had specific programs for 3 companies Verizon being one of the 3. Its Nice to see someone is finally trying to fight them, but I can only see them winning via the media. Verizon like most large companies have a team of attorneys. Look at the lawsuits customers have filed and what little they get even if they win. But Verizon is greatly concerned about its image, and will do what ever it takes to keep that image clean. If you don’t about your happiness it is a great place to work
Yesterday at 8:18 PM

I was with Verizon since the l980’s until they continued to make promies to me and continued to lie. I moved in a location whereby I was in a dead zone for cell pone usuage. The only way I could receive calls, hear the ringer and talk on the Verizon cell was to go outside rain, cold or not. For three years they told me I needed a better phone, or a $300 receiver, etc. I already paid $125 a month for 750 minutes. Then finally after 3 years of calling them, one person told me the truth. He said the reason I had poor service is because Verizon’s towers are too low. Because I was in a contract situation, it made it impossible to go to another service. But the Verizon rep told me that if I cancelled my service with them I would not charge me a early contract cancellation fee. One day I was a month late on my bill which I was told they would not cancel me as long as I paid before the next bill. They cancelled me before the next bill, and told me I would be charged a cancellation fee. So the final blow, the rep lied.
Yesterday at 8:15 PM
1 reply to sallyjay2000’s comment
Unique Findings

how long ago was this?
Yesterday at 8:25 PM

Red Shirt Unions.
Sunday at 7:50 PM

Someone here who works for Verizon should print some of these out and send them to the CEO and several district managers.
Sunday at 7:40 PM

Sounds like union whining to me.
Sunday at 7:37 PM
1 reply to Bill’s comment

another uneducted person opening there mouth who knnows nothing about the situation. VZ makes billions of dollars off the back of hard working employee’s, who built the company, sold the services, maintain the services and safe there customers. Most of them have great work ethics because yes, it is a good paying job with benefits and who wants to lose them. Most of the workers want to come to work , do a great job, help customers. ensure good quality products, but believe me, and ex employee who did quit, they dont want workers to help customers, it is all about the $$$ and how to give the CEO Lowell McAdams another 16 Million dollar raise (in his short 7 month tenure mind you when he got it) . Workers want the Company to suceed , but thhe Company doesnt want you as a worker, to be able to have the tools to do it, they want to cut salaries by up to 30%, make workers pay THOUSANDS for their health care, and take a cut in other benefits. that have been bought and paid for through previous givebacks. most workers are workingvery high stress postions, with forced overtime, and harrassment and bullying. so before you start , get the facts
Yesterday at 9:09 PM

As the old saying goes……MA BELL has always been known as a cheap Mother…….er
Sunday at 6:52 PM

I worked for an outsourcing company in America that handled VZW Customer Service. Our jobs were lost to cheaper workers overseas. I know we were outsourced, but we still really relied on the client to make a paycheck. More jobs going overseas…. Oh, and we made about $9.50 an hour, and are in New York…. so, not quite middle middle class, more like lower middle class. Take what you can get though.
Sunday at 6:45 PM +2

Verizon is not the only place that does this. I work for a retirement community in Pa called Acts Retirement community and they don’t flat out fire people but they make you so affraid to do anything so you fear losing your job that you just put up with it. They treat people like crap but claim to be a Christian organization. I myself have a Boss who is the BIGGEST male Chauvinist and thinks he’s not.
Sunday at 6:44 PM

Verizon and its union are destroying each other. Back when I started in 91, you were hired as a temp for one year. If you were a crap worker/ employee they would not make you a full time union employee. Then about 1994-95 that all changed and Verizon hired most of the temps if they were crap or not. As full union members, the union protected the newly hired garbage members. Now some 18 years later there are more garbage employees then good ones. The union protects everyone equally and the company hates and screws every worker equally. I took the buy out 3 years ago after 18 years and have not been happier. I’m hardly making half what I did but I’m so much happier.
Sunday at 6:36 PM
1 reply to Fatkid’s comment

the union cant protect workers, if MANAGEMENT does their job and follows due process, if the workers are BAD workers
Yesterday at 9:11 PM

Everyone is always crying the blues. I worked at Western Electric on the late 60’s and was fired when I was diagnosed with MS. There was no protection in those days. They did me a favor and I went into the mortgage business and made millions. You just have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps sometimes.
Sunday at 6:36 PM +1

Everything I’ve gathered about Verizon over the years has me with never to be an employee nor customer. Nuff said. Nothing favorable about them ever learned by me. Sparse coverage is maybe to remain.
Sunday at 6:29 PM -1

Worked there for 13 years….awful…..glad I’m gone.
Sunday at 6:22 PM -1

I worked for GTE/Verizon for 10 years – GTE was FANTASTIC!! Best company I have ever worked for….when we merged and formed Verizon, the company went down the tubes as far as caring about employees. Time after time, we were misled, benefits removed, American jobs given to India and other countries. The “leaders” of Verizon were Iranian and of other cultures…the Americans were ousted..there were many huge “leadership conferences” in Bermuda, the Caribbean, etc., while the workers were experiencing cuts in health care, pensions, and everything else. It is an awful company and getting worse by the minute. Yes, I made great money there, at the expense of my health, and ultimately lost my job to it being given to a male b/c it is a male-dominated corporation. In my area – 12 out of 12 directors were white males, many with less of an education and less experience than the females that worked there. My advice – steer clear of this anti-American, non-diversified (unless India counts) company. It will meet its end soon enough….
Sunday at 6:17 PM +1
1 reply to Susan’s comment

Susan, and you remain to be pro-Verirzon? Maybe I missed something.Have a friend that worked for T-Mobile for years; as he put it: Cheap Mobile. Forget about reliable. They’d chintz on mantenacnce big time; frustrated so he quit. Something I would do. I have principles.

I say: One day we will only be with one cellular carrier, one bank, one gas station, one grocery store, ad nausea. Serious, mark my words.
Sunday at 6:43 PM
Joanne Christie

Sunday at 6:11 PM

Verizon gets the award for worst customer service ever!!! I have dealt with them both in my business, and in my home, and they refuse to fix their screw ups in billing and service issues. I just had local cable compamy install internet and to my pleasant surprise, is faster than verizon. Come Monday, it is goodbye verizon fios and good riddance! I will never deal with them again. A shame too because product is reliable.
Sunday at 6:03 PM

I would like to know where the person who wrote this got their info. I work for the compant over 25 years and with straight pay, not spending every day plus extra hours , do not make 72,00 a year . new baby leave is not paid for 3 months . our dental and vision may be free , but you get what you pay for . people on Mass Health have better coverage then we do . As for training , ha , they haven’t had any training in this company for years . So check your source . I’ve been living it for 25 + years . Just so you know we forfeit almost all our raise for our healthcare
Sunday at 5:58 PM +3

Big Business is all bs. It is all about the numbers on wall street, Screw everybody else. Can anybody add, see were the monie is going……….
Sunday at 5:55 PM -1

I’m a janitor at Verizon, I demand that they pay me 100K. and give me 100% health coverage. I deserve it, thats what my Democratic friends tell me. Why should I have to be accountable for myself? Verizon should give it all to me..and be nice to me and say nice things to me! What jerks they are! I’ll stay there though, I can retire in 8 yrs.
Sunday at 5:50 PM -2
1 reply to robot62’s comment

Watch out – they will find a way to lay you off right before retirement and not pay you anything…that’s just how they do it….
Sunday at 6:19 PM -1

Now I understand why Verizon is so slow/rude about fixing landline problems & billing errors – ironic since I use them for internet access. I only hope to live long enough to enjoy FIOS which is available 4 miles from here. Apparently my county is under the control of COX & won’t pay up to Verizon – or COX is paying so much they can’t be met. So much for consumer choice. The whole matter is political.
Sunday at 5:44 PM

Americans, Let the unions fail and see what happens to your pay and work conditions…all of you will be working for 8 bucks/hr with no health insurance, nothing to show after many years of hard work. Thats what the Republicans want, they care of nothing but corporate profits.
Sunday at 5:39 PM -1
2 replies to k4jlp’s comment

Unions are ruining the work ethics of America….
Sunday at 6:20 PM -2

are you serious? Most of us have already been working for low wages and no health insurance for many years. The majority of jobs in this country is from small business’s….the type that pay no benefits
Yesterday at 8:12 PM

The verizon information is not accurate, as of now the company wants employees to pay 50% of benefits, pension is going to done away with, as well as eye and dental. The NEW Verizon is not what the old company use to be at all.
Sunday at 5:38 PM +1
1 reply to bjm9743’s comment

Amen!! The pensions were dropped when I was still there (2007) – something that was promised when we were hired. Benefits went down the tubes after the merger and formation of Verizon. GTE was incredible and AT&T still is!! Steer clear of Verizon…
Sunday at 6:21 PM +1

Well written with no obvious bias, as the writer’s bio shows she chases the progressive media where you would expect it. Thank you.

We need to be reminded companies are allowed to form their own culture within state and federal regulations. If employees want more government involvement, they should move to Russia.

Americans are lucky to even have a job while Obama tries to force citizens at each other’s throat to take their eye off the ball of his failures, a man who helped to bring us the mortgage collapse while working with ACORN on the south side of Chicago in the late 1990s, his teaching members how to harass banks with Alinsky power tactics.

We all need to remember that Verizon gives benefits many Americans today would give their right arm for. This is while others that work for Verizon seem to treat the company as if the job is an entitlement for getting up in the morning. Ever work in a steel mill? I have, where Japan ate its lunch.

There is only one rule you need to remember when working for a corporation. You give them 30 days. They give you a check for 30 days. If employees don’t like that arrangement, move to China to understand real life.

I strongly suggest that the reader picks up the excellent 2012 PBS DVD/Blu Ray titled “America Revealed.” It shows American manufacturing jobs may NEVER EVER return while America’s food production is on the edge of collapse with only 2.5 percent of the population producing it. This is as wealthy progressives whine at modified food, created so people don’t starve in the millions like they did in the Little Ice Age in Europe, common wheat not able to stand the sudden wet climate suddenly found rotting in the fields.

How soon we forget our history, only forced to repeat it.
Sunday at 5:24 PM
2 replies to freedomsupport’s comment

Sunday at 5:41 PM
2 replies to ROBERT’s comment

Amen Robert!!!!!
Sunday at 6:25 PM

freedomsupport should have worked the mines in the early 20th century. He would have enjoyed working for “da man” back then. We’ll bring back the company store for him. Wasn’t that sweet of the mine owners? A store just for the miners. No need to travel to town! Just give freedomsupport some lipstick and teach him to say “yessum boss man” Why he’ll do just fine.
Sunday at 6:31 PM

You obviously don’t work for Verizon OR you are in one of the cushy jobs there that – yes, will be eliminated as soon as they figure out how to outsource it. You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to VZ – only those of us who have lived it should be writing about it….the company should be banned from doing business in the US.
Sunday at 6:24 PM

I’ve been with the company almost 13 years. I started at age 19 and saw the benefits, wage and vacation time are great and stuck with it. My generation likes to go from job to job and have nothing to show for it. Thanks to Verizon I’m financially set. I travel, buy what I want and have a 401k for my retirement.
Sunday at 5:18 PM +1

Kesac, Bettylou, Lauren.Craker, Us folks that shared our stories have walked the walk. We know what it was like. I personally retired, as opposed to fired. Easy to sit back and judge. Apply for a job and walk the walk…
Sunday at 5:12 PM

Verizon and it’s affiliate companies have way more chiefs (mostly not skilled) which has led to their horrendous customer service. They do not train properly and it is amazing they’ve lasted this long. My parents have the DSL service and phone and you can’t call them without the recorder picking up on the 2 ring and Verizon just can’t seem to correct the issue and forget internet when it sprinkles outside. Also, a co-worker of mine has had multiple issues for the past 6 months with fios and Verizon’s repair people give her their business cards every time they’ve been out advising her to call them directly if she has anymore problems. The problems persist and she can never get through to the repairmen’s direct lines and customer service doesn’t have a clue. So far, they’ve had to reimburse her account for the inconvenience.
Sunday at 5:11 PM

I retired from Verizon with 44+ years service. After retirement Verizon spun off the Directory devision to a new company called Idearc. Idearc lasted approx 1-1/2 years and declaired bankruptcy and formed a new company called SuperMedia. Because I worked in the Directory operations Verizon transferred all benefits to the new company. Guess what? In June we were notified that as of 9/1/12 all retirement benefits (medical, dental, life insurance) were terminated. So those that have Verizon benefits may one day received special deliveries that may contain a surprise. Supermedia current employees will also be 100% responsible in 2014 for their medical, dental and life insurance costs. Last month SuperMedia announced a “merger of equals” with DEX, another directory publisher, but there is no news on how the DEX benefits will change.
So be happy with what you have today.
Sunday at 5:04 PM

This article sounds suspiciouslyto me like a Company generated advertisement for itself!
I had several most frustrating experiences with Verizon Customer Service which made me finally decide to go with another service. It seems that all the personnel I dealt with were perfectly friendly and wanted to be helpful, but nothing at all was ever done in my case, since no one had the overall authority to cutr through the red tape. I spent endless hours with them, growing more and more frustrated and finally decided to give up.
Then I heard how frustrated Verizon\’s employees are with their own management. What is going on there?
Sunday at 4:54 PM +1

Let’s face it, the general consensus with these big corporations is to lower the employee model to a lateral one flat fee working drone; no collective bargaining, no merit increases or amenities, no labor unions which are the catalysts for stirring up employee unrest. That’s the goal of the big corporate mentality, isn’t it? If you think it’s far-fetched, look at what’s happened in Wisconsin. Right now, they see foreign workers as these submissive types who will do the job with no complaints; wait until lthey become the growing majority and start to grow a spine and start uniting in masses (hopefully it won’t come to that).
Sunday at 4:47 PM
sex toy

Worked for NJ Bell/Bell Atlantic/Vz for over 30 years retired 11 years ago.Great pension and health benifits to this day. Thanks to the strong IBEW union we had.Sorry to see what was a great company to work for change.No longer can this generation find a middle class job that pays a living wage with great benifits.The work was hard and the training was on going and you worked your way up the ladder.Things changed after the goverment began to stick it’s nose in the business. Fair price for service, fair wage for employees and fair profit for investors began to erode after deregulation. Now that unions are being phased out,companies take advantage of the workers and customer service is in a steep decline. You can’t treat workers who represent your company like crap and then think they will care about your customers. Left in 2001 making $21 an hour. Can’t find any job in Fl. today. A right to work state that treats it workers like slaves!
Sunday at 4:39 PM

I worked for Verizon Wireless for 2 years as a manager, and it was the worst 2 years of my life! Yes the salary, commission, and benefits were good, but the hours you had to put in, coupled with a ruthless, nasty, and greedy district manager made me leave the field for good. We had no flexibility on extending discounts for big purchase customers, and God forbid you allowed someone to return an item outside the return policy guidelines. Common sense and the ability to really help a customer and provide great service was not tolerated. Their policies were set in stone and if you went outside it, they would come down on you. “What, you allowed a customer to return a car charger 2 days past the alloted 15 day return policy? I damn thee to Hell!” I left in 2003, hopefully its gotten better since I left.
Sunday at 4:26 PM +2
1 reply to thomas125’s comment

Hmm..sounds all to familar. Did you happen to work in Indiana? Or it is the same all over. I quit and it was the best thing ever for me.
Yesterday at 12:33 AM
betty lou

These members keep bitching will only make things WORSE. Trust me and look at HISTORY
Sunday at 4:22 PM

They are forcing people out so that they can give the jobs to India. I retired from Verizon and loved my job, loved everything about it and loved the people. I was treated as one should be expect from any job.
I loved it so much I went back as a contractor.(which was even better). I had wonderful reviews and so on.
The perfect job.
But, while I was contractor things began to change. More and more Indian’s were brought in. Little did I expect that my job would go there too.
Actually, someone needs to take a good look at hiring practice’s.
A couple months ago I applied for a job that I left and had worked at for 15 years. I was told I was not qualified and the job was given to someone else that had better qualification’s.
The people we vote for should slam all companies with unbelieveable fees for employing non US citizens. If your business is providing something for the people in the US then you need to only employ a US Citizen.

I would go back to Verizon in a second…
Sunday at 4:18 PM +2

I worked in a Mgt position for 29 years at Verizon (Started with NYT – NYNEX- Bell Atlantic-Verizon) and retired with a great package which I am most grateful for (I never have to work another day in my life) – Yes my job was hard and the hours long and stressful projects but as I always said “I LOVE MY JOB” and the people who worked for me were GREAT
Sunday at 4:17 PM +1

This is an irresponsible piece of journalism. It appears the article is specific to experiences and incidents related to Verizon Communication (landline) yet the photos associated with the article are of Verizon Wireless signage. The author should clarify where the incidents took place and should also include examples/comments from current and happily employed individuals. VZW alone employs over 80,000 people yet the company is being skewered based on the stories of less than 5 individuals. A little journalistic integrity in compiling this story could have gone a long way.
Sunday at 4:13 PM
1 reply to lauren.craker’s comment

Actually Lauren Craker, Verizon Wireless is far worse, since they are union-busters who have gone out of their way to prevent their workforce from organizing. Verizon Wireless employees have no collective bargaining rights, no representation, and can be fired at any time for any reason without recourse.

However even though they are far worse off, the complaints from Wireless workers won’t ever be heard because they are not organized. The reason grievances from the landline workers are being reported is because the union actually has the power to back up its employees to at least try to get fair treatment for them.

For what it’s worth, AT&T Wireless is a union shop, by comparison.
Sunday at 5:27 PM

I wonder how Verizon compares to other land line employers?
Sunday at 4:04 PM

I worked for AT&T for 20 years and this all sounds very familiar! After being there 20 years, I wouldn’t wish the job on my worst enemy. .
Sunday at 4:00 PM

Promqueen 51, Mallgodess and Mark, Thank you for sharing. I am sure there are a lot more out there with stories too. I wish more folks would share their experiences. Good luck Mark, I hope you get your pension soon.
Sunday at 3:58 PM

I’ll bet you could find lots of good stories from the ex-employees of every company on the globe, couldn’t you. It is just like the fact that you never find a guilty man in prison, every person ever fired was a model employee.
Sunday at 3:53 PM

another of their shady practices is that they send you sales fliers with low rates but if you call and ask for those rates they say uh no you are under contract….but yet my bill goes up!!?? if you cant lower my bill under contract but can raise it??? ….anyone see a really crappy double standard here?
Sunday at 3:47 PM +1

Another paid ad brought to you by AOL and Verizon this time lol.
Sunday at 5:17 AM -2

Just adding a reply to mark and narve, you both are very eloquent in describing your experiences. There was so much to say i had to limit myself. As for derregulation, that started the end of what companies emphasis on great customer service and opened up a pandoras box of ugly things to come. We all realized how good we had it with gte.
Saturday at 3:21 PM +2
1 reply to promqueen51’s comment

We had it a lot better with Ma Bell.
Saturday at 5:58 PM +2

As a retiree after 32 years as an operator first with gte and then verizon i read your article with great interest. As technology advanced we of course had to go through many changes, most being FASTER but \”let\’s offer all these extra services\” all the while being timed for roughly 20 seconds per call! A lot of us managed to get our results but towards the end of my service it was getting to be such an overload. On top of everything else verizon gradually cut back, even to the simplest things like not providing pads of paper, ( more for the control desk ) so we had to cut up useless paperwork to have paper available. Pens and pencils too stopped being furnished. Now this sounds pretty petty but those items, along with new headsets for back up were scaled back to nothing. We experienced such a lack of appreciation it was pathetic. The company was already hacking away at many benefits and meanwhile all employees were dealing with what they had. i do hear now from friends waiting to retire that Verizon is trying to hack in to the medical coverage which could affect us ALL. i stuck it out, miserable, to get 90% medical coverage for my spouse and i and i tell you it was hard to do. i NEVER thought i would end up HATING my job and the company but the merger is responsible for that outcome. Verizon is a cheap cutthroat company to work for. So unacceptable.
Saturday at 3:13 PM +4

I was employed by Verizon, had almost 20 years in thru various mergers that led up to the formation of Verizon. Loved my job, always had good performance reviews and got several awards until they brought a manager in that was verbally abusive and on a power trip. Several ppl tried to file complaints with HR and they fell on deaf ears and in fact seemed to support him. He and I butted heads for almost 3 years and I eventually lost my job, which probably saved my life with all the stress I was under just showing up for work. I lost all respect for that company, they preached no tolerance for hostile work environment then supported one of the worst offenders. They look good on paper, but not so pretty on the inside.
Saturday at 11:55 AM +3

as a recently retired 35 year year employee of gte/verizon, i can tell you that gte was a far better company to work for. verizon is hiring college kids and placing them in charge of outside work groups who have absolutly no exposure to the telecommunications industry, let alone any idea on how to run a wireline cable crew. In gte, you worked your way up the ranks, now all you need is a piece of paper and you are golden.
although this may sound like sour grapes, it is not. The craft people are great, the work is rewarding. but the company is doing a full press squeeze on those same craft workers, forcing older workers out the door, and running a very agressive harrassment campaign against those who stay or continue to put the customer first. its all about the numbers, a daily quota of service calls, a quota of dollars billed, without regard for actual customer needs. When i brought critical customer needs to my foreman that required a decision, i was stonewalled, told that a ‘business study’ needed to be done and shooed out of the office. i was told every morning, ‘make it work’, and when i did, (and the customer was very pleased), I would be pulled in front of a ‘review’ and berated on why i did not bring it to the office for consultation. When the items i had brought to their attention previously were brought up and i informed them i was still waiting for a decision, i was placed on disiplinary steps because of my ‘unfavorable attitude’. my foreman then started a 1 year harrassment campaign against me personally , destroying a perfect 33 year employee record. i prevailed, and my record restored, but it was time to leave. its now been 4 months, i have recieved job offers from former customers who want my kind of dedication in thier work place, and Verizon has still NOT RELEASED MY PENSION, AND HAS NO DATE SET TO DO SO.
Saturday at 11:44 AM +2
1 reply to mark’s comment
Rae Lynn

I am sorry that you are being treated this way after so many years of loyalty. Customers are feeling it too. My household has a family plan with 3 Verizon phones. We have been Verizon customers for 25 years. In the last 5, I have seen a HUGE change in customer service. I used to feel appreciated as a customer. But the attitude of customer service representatives and recent change in company policy on some long-standing, customer friendly issues, have me wondering if I would do better with a different cell phone company. Too bad, because once I settle in with a service provider, I like to stay. But once I switch, I NEVER go back.
Saturday at 2:06 PM +2
1 reply to Rae Lynn’s comment
Sherri Ann LeMasters

I too have been a loyal customer of Verizons, been with them for almost 20 years, my first phone had to be mounted in my truck! 20 minutes for $19.95! When they released their share everything package, I called to make sure I was on the best deal and went over my bill with the rep. My main concern was going over my minutes. I was assured I was no where close to my minutes and the package i was on was fine for me. The next month, or so it seemed, might have been 2 months, I did go over my minutes. I called to see if they could switch my plan and back date it. I was told by billing that wouldn’t be a problem, never happened. Called to find out what was going on and was told i was called and told that it wasn’t approved. Once the bell is rung, nothing can be done, direct quote! No one called me, they said they would work with me and be able to take 25% off, ok, better then nothing. Never happened again. Last week, I checked my 10 year olds voice mails, found out Verizon did call, but called and left a voice mail on a secondary line. My contract is up with Verizon in March, and I am gone. They have no customer loyalty, so why should I?
Sunday at 3:56 PM

I just retired from Verizon. Not because I wanted to, but because of what Verizon was doing. Verizon is slowly doing away with management jobs and, adding their jobs to the hourly. Then asking why it is taking so long for the hourly to complete their job in a timely fashion. They have been hiring contractors at half the salary to replace engineers and other management positions. As far as Verizon’s training programs, a lot ot the percentages of training as indicated above are for, defensive driving, lifting heavy objects, climbing ladders, putting cones out basically all safety issues. These are given one a month and a form or email is put out to prove that you have completed the course. Training on what you need requires up to at least 6 weeks. Because of the demands of the service, they are not offered. Now lets talk about customer service. Have you tried calling Verizon? Have you tried to get a tech out to your place of business or home? If you are lucky enough to get one out, remember he or she is on a widget based time frame. The tech is only allowed to take no longer than 2 hours to complete the job. That includes driving time and testing. If the tech exceeds the time frame it could result in disciplinary action. Leading up to temination. Verizon is like all major corporations right now. Minimize costs. That means less employees and contractors working for half the salary.
Saturday at 11:05 AM +2

Dear Claire, Obviously you know nothing of the past. Yet another foolish, educated under the Reagan era destroyed school system, person that thinks they can comment on what is actually the DESTRUCTION of the Middle Class when they know nothing of a true Middle Class. You take propaganda from Conservative “Think Tanks” and pass it off as proof of how great Verizon is. I will inform you that I know more that one Verizon Employee and they have been subjected to what all the other Corporations are doing to their employees. Every year there are less Benefits and what Benefits there are the employees have to pay bigger protions of and do it with little to no pay raises. I guess you didn’t hear about how they did away with their Pension Plan now that’s really shows caring about your employees and wanting to increase loyalty. Verizon is selling off the Land Lines that made them the corporation they are today because they don’t want to deal with the the Regulations and they want to destroy the CWA and IBEW. Verizon, like so many other US Corporations, does not care about their employees or their customers either and want to shift their total business model to less regulated and mostly non-union sectors. I think you need to really check into the past from BEFORE the Reagan years. BEFORE “Trickle Down”, and deregulation, prior to “Praising” the CEO and upper management at any company for their “Middle Class” jobs.
Friday at 4:18 PM +4
1 reply to narve2’s comment

Clearly this “author” is just ignorant of the actual facts surrounding Verizon. The benefits are not “free”, VZ is eliminating pensions. The only real union benefit an employee hired after 2003 has is job security, which is also weakening.
VZ is another ruthless corporation whose only loyalty is to the shareholders, with no consideration to the employees. The salary amounts quoted in this article are amazingly incorrect, and vague. An engineer may pull in $72k- in NY where the cost of living is much higher, and working alot of overtime. These grossly inaccurate articles are designed by corporate-minded, conservative people who aim to create a negative impression of unionized workers.
VZ employees are well-paid, but at what cost? Employees are slaves to their paychecks, enduring mental abuse and harrassment in order to keep their middle-class job.
Saturday at 10:03 AM +1
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