National Workplace Bullies Week and National Speaking Engagement


I was asked to speak at a National Press Conference and Seminar in Washington DC, right across the street from the White House at the National Press Club.  It will be on Monday October 15, 2012.  This conference is to promote the, “Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week,” which runs October 14 – 20. 


I will be speaking along side of some of the most prestigious individuals that have made National impacts on bringing these issues of “Workplace Bullying” to the forefront.  I was asked personally by the President and Director of the “Workplace Bullying Institute,” Dr. Gary Namie to attend, so the honor was mine to accept his invitation.


Dr. Gary Namie began the push to enact anti-bullying laws state-by-state for the workplace in 2001 thanks to Suffolk University Professor of Law David Yamada who drafted the text of the Healthy Workplace Bill. (The text was later revised in 2009), who will also be speaking there. The original bill grew out of his seminal legal treatise on workplace bullying and the need for “status-blind harassment” laws.

Today because of Dr. Namie and many committed, compassionate, dedicated and powerful workplace bullying advocates, the bill is active in 21 States since 2003 have introduced the HWB — No laws yet enacted.  In 2013 Legislative Sessions start in January, and with the grace of God, we will soon see this bill a law.


This is such an honor for me, and proves the momentum of my story about the mistreatment I endured at Verizon.  This National Conference is for the millions of other stories like mine that are being heard all over the world.  My focus will be on issues at Verizon Communication as a victim and witness of workplace bullying.


We have no choice to continue as adults and advocates to voice our pain, and hope to change this issue within our workplaces.  If we do not make a stand now, we will only allowing our children to enter that world of unjust treatment.


This is the only way we can get our message out about “Workplace Bullying.” There is poor and misguided treatment in our workplaces and it has to end. If we do not end it now, our children will face an even more horrifying work environment when they grow up. How can we leave it up to them?

I will post updates, as it gets closer hoping that some of you have the opportunity to travel to the event.  Either way, I will post the videos and speeches on my sites from this most prestige event.


“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

                                                                                                                  Edmund Burke


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If you are a Verizon employee or past employee and have been denied, fired or punished by Verizon due to any association with Verizon / Met Life short or long term disability issues, please contact Attorney Carol Ryder from New York.  Class Action in progress!




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