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So much has happened to me since I decided to expose Verizon for the company that they really are. Hundreds of thousands of response have come to my attention, over 100,000 followers reading my story and post between all the blog pages, Facebook groups and hits from others sites. I cannot even count the amount of people that I have personally spoken to. The letters to my home, the dispositions and courts cases that other people and attorneys have had me look at, as well asked for my assistance, is enormous. I never knew the impact I had made, and the lives I have now and I am so happy to do it.

I have had the opportunity to have people helping me to do research, look at legal cases in the goal to bring Verizon to justice for so many. The numbers have grown so much and so many have gained the courage to fight and make a stand against Verizon. Just the other night I listed to a Verizon female manager cry to me about the abuse that she is enduring and loves her job. I listened to her husband tell me how much Verizon has torn their family up, but they refuse to quit and fight. He is a retired military man, who received a bronze metal form the war. What angers him is that he fought for people’s rights and yet we have companies like Verizon who don’t give a damn for their employees’ rights.

As of now were working on 10 separate class action cases against Verizon for employees all over the country that were victimized. It does take time, but these cases will be solid before proceeding to filing the complaints in Federal Court.

The stories, the facts and names are piling up as both my-self and The National Attorney contact “Attorney Carol Ryder out of New York” has received is very powerful. Some cases will be referred specifically to certain attorneys in those specific states as it will not fall into the specific areas as on this link below.


Many of the Verizon employees are now video-taping and voice recording the conversations with Verizon management, Corporate Security and Verizon EEO investigations and we know that do lie. This is done in the “One Party Taping States.” Remember if it was never documented, it never happened –“This is what Verizon teaches Verizon Managers.”


Important! What has come to my attention is the pain and suffering that so many Verizon employees’ family members have had to endure. As employees of Verizon are being bullied, discriminated against, harassed, in hostile work environments and wrongful suspensions and/or terminations it is their families that paid the ultimate price, emotionally and financially.

I have spoken to and received letters from their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husband and wives, so finally we may have some hope. We know that Verizon EEO Officer Mr. Paul McGovern testified in Federal Depositions on my case that they receive over 104,000 EEO complaints a year, which means almost 50% of their employees complain of unethical issues. I know first- hand that all the way up to the CEO did nothing to help me. So many have people notified me that they too, have complained to the appropriate individuals within Verizon and nothing was corrected. Some received retaliation from the company instead.

So I decided “Families of Verizon Employees” need answers and JUSTICE!

I decided to have the people that are helping me, dig deeper into the laws, look at past cases and contact other attorneys throughout the country seeking answers. The answer I am looking for is can I help these families that have suffered so much, receive punitive damages in a very large monetary reward for all that they have suffered.
I have asked them to get back to me as soon as possible on how were going to approach seeking damages for “Families against Verizon – Class Action Suit” for Negligence, Pain and suffering, loss of quality of life and/or any additional damages, for these families.

I know what hell my family and I go through each and every day. I know how we suffer and I hate to know so many are hurting as well. When a company had fully knowledge of their abusers and bullies, then neglect to do something about it, but historically refuse to step in to help and often support bad behaviors, this can no longer go unnoticed as families of their faithful employees pay the ultimate price.

I say this, it should never have to come to national attention, law suits or millions spend and tying up our judicial system when it should be addressed by the company. But remember the HR and EEO departments work and get paid by the company and their jobs are in jeopardy if they choose the wrong side. So they are not going to go to bats for the employee but seek ways and often lie to protect the company.

It is time not only for Verizon employees and their families to unite for justice for all employees and families to unite for change in work environments.

In due time, as I have gathered each and every story, statement and letter everyone but the ones that I promised I would never release will be sent to every worldwide media in order to further expose Verizon for the acceptance to condoning “WORKPLACE BULLIES.” The storied are heartbroken and need to be seen to the WORLD! Now that the politics is over it is time to get back to business and that is exposing workplace bullies.

One of the best things you can do is to go on to this site below. It is the “Healthy Workplace Bill” web site. This site explains a bill that is in progress in many states very close in some, to become law. This bill is to help, not hurt. So there are ways that you can help.


Also look at the myths and facts as well.


My final thoughts are this. Verizon, you are not too big that you cannot fall. Every empire in all of our history has fallen to greed from the beginning to time. When you think that you are too powerful or too big to fall, do wrong and support evil habits God will no longer allow you to flourish.

To the families of workplace bullying, more to come and my heart and prayers all ways go out to you.

As Verizon would say: Making Progress Every Day!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

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