I just wanted to say thank you for all the helpers getting me the email address from every politicians in the country, things are going very well.  My goal is to ensure they all get my story and many of yours as well to help them understand the severe magnitude of “Workplace Bullying” from companies as so-called ethically ran like “Verizon.”  For others that are willing to help us gather email address just contact me at the email addresses below.  I will let you know what states we need help in:

Here is the web site below to try to get their addresses.  Some we will have to cut and paste so I will create a link to do so.

I am completing a letter to the President of the United States as well requesting a meeting to speak about the issues of workplace bullying and ways we can stomp it out for the best interest of all.

In 2013 I will also be requesting a public hearing with the U.S. Senate Committee Health, Education, Labor and Pension as they need to hear from me and others on these issues as well.  The more we can bring it to the attention, the more we can improve our chances to getting the Healthy Workplace Bill passed into law.

Also now that there are so many stories that have come into my life, we can now take it to the world- wide media, every national and major radio, newspaper, talk show and whatever else we have to do.  It’s not just me any longer, its thousands more.  We can change things with numbers.

What Verizon has done to me and so many is just out of control.  They need to be exposed to an even higher level than ever before.  What so many others have had to deal with in their positions all over the country, in companies all over the country is sad as well.  We have to keep progress going, and believe me, there is a lot happening behind the scenes.  More to come PROMISE!

2013 will be a huge year of exposure and awareness to this issue.


As Verizon would say: Making Progress Every Day!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

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Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in Boston Massachusetts July 7, 2012 (Video):

Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6pPe2gqGRI&feature=share

Civil Rights and Anti-Bullying Leadership Summit in Hartford Connecticut at the Legislators Building, August 9, 2012
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National Workplace Bullying Press Conference in Washington DC October 15th 2012




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Title: Verizon: Plenty Of Good Middle Class Jobs But Would You Want To Work There?



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o PLEASE, click on this link above, then get into you specific state. Once you are in the state of your choice, Click on to your state, and you will see the: “HWCE-Z Letter E-Mailing Tool,” will be right on that page. It will only take one minute as it will allow your state legislators know instantly that you are in support on this “Healthy Workplace Bill.”

National Workplace Bullying Attorney – Carol Ryder:
Attorney Carol Ryder from New York, NY.