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I created a petition to President Barack Obama, all of The United States House of Representatives, and the whole U.S. Senate in reference to “The Healthy Workplace Bill.”

As they will be coming into session in January we need them to focus on creating stability in Corporate America and that means implementing a Healthy Workplace Law. Many across this Country are severely hurting and you can stop the pain, buy voting in a “Healthy Workplace Bill” in 2013. Let’s lead this World, and show them we will no longer tolerate abusive acts in our Workplaces!”

Please click on the Petition Link below, then send it to all your friends, family, to your local and National newspapers, post it everywhere! We have to let all our politicians know Workplace Bullying has to end. We need tens of thousands to sign this urgent petition – so please help!

As Verizon would say: Making Progress Every Day!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

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