Dear Legislator:

We need your help and it is URGENT! We are the employees all across this wonderful Country, and it’s time to focus your thoughts towards a destructive pattern called “Workplace Bullying.” Workplace Bullying is the problem and is a major epidemic all over our Country. I know as I communicate with thousands of them about this topic. I never knew anything about Workplace Bullying or even experienced it until I became a manager at Verizon Communications and I saw way too much. I never knew the magnitude of this issue, and how it destroys so many lives until I posted my story and received thousands in return. I never knew how bad Workplace Bullying was until it became a major part of my life, and now I just cannot walk away, knowing what I know now.

I saw and heard things that were beyond inappropriate and should be illegal while working at Verizon. When I made a stand for others in protecting their rights and dignity – the abuse, retaliation, racism and complete hostile environment was redirected towards me. I endured a hostile work environment, was harassed, targeted; work sabotaged, racially discriminated against, blackballed, ignored and eventually was wrongfully terminated from Verizon. I thought I was alone, but I am not!

The current laws do not address Workplace Bullying/Abusive Conduct.
A 2007 national survey by Zogby International and Workplace Institute found that:
• 37% of workers have experienced workplace bullying.
• 62% of employees who received complaints about workplace bullying either ignore the problem or made it worse.
• 64% of bullying targets eventually are pushed out of their jobs.
• 73% of workplace bullies are supervisors.

The harm do to Workplace Bullying includes but is not limited to; stress-related diseases (cardiovascular, immunological, gastrointestinal), plus anxiety, clinical depression and PTSD. It also is related to, domestic violence, financial hardships, bankruptcies, divorces, deaths, strokes, heart attacks, workplace killings, suicides, workplace violence and ongoing abuse. There is a total mental and physical breakdown of good productive individuals and families. The same individuals that worked hard in life to become something, and workplace bullying destroyed them from the inside out. Enormous amount of medical cost associated to this like prescription drugs, therapy /counseling and etc.

For the companies, there is loss of so much including productivity, unhappy employees and lack of commitment to a company. How about the increased of absenteeism and short term disability which is directly related to emotional distress, turnover and retraining, costing the company millions to trillions over time not including useless legal obligations.

Without laws, employers can legally ignore this abusive conduct and many sweep it under the rug. Many employers are subjecting their employees to continuous abusive, malicious and health harming workplaces.

Myths vs. Reality about the Healthy Workplace Bill:
• MYTH: The bill takes away the ability of employers to manage their workforce.
• REALITY: The bill enters the picture only when the bullying behaviors have become severe and harmful. It provides legal incentives for employers to sharply minimize their liability exposure by acting preventively and responsively toward bullying, and it reserves the right of employers to conduct evaluations and provide feedback and direction to their employees.

Please help to adopt the “Healthy Workplace Bill.” In 2013 your State may have (refer below to link to see your State) an “Anti-Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill” on your table. This Bill will create stability in Corporate America and improve lives. We need your help to pass this bill. If you are in a State that does not have the Bill, please lead your state in sponsoring it.

Many across this Country are severely hurting and you can stop the pain, buy voting in a “Healthy Workplace Bill” in 2013. Let’s lead this World, and show them we will no longer tolerate abusive acts in our Workplaces!

As Verizon would say: Making Progress Every Day!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

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