As the year came to a close I thought about the tough road for my family and I have had. We have sacrificed so much, but we will march into 2013 with hope for justice against Verizon. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t look back on the mistreatment I had to endure but I know soon I will have my chance to tell the world what happened.

My father passed away in July of 2012, and I can still hear him tell me how proud he was of me. He knew that I could not allow someone or a company treat me in the manner in which Verizon did, and just walk away. He knew the sacrifices we have had to make because of what Verizon intentionally did to my family and me. He knew how bad we were hurting and only wanted our pain to go away. He wanted to be alive, to one day see my family longer having to struggle. He also wanted to be alive for my trial against Verizon, but he never made that day. There is one thing I do know and that is, he will be there in spirit.

On March 11, 2013 my trial will begin against Verizon. It will take place in the Federal Court House in Boston Massachusetts. This day is something that I have been waiting for, for too long now. This day will be the day that my voice will be heard, and a day that justice will hopefully be granted to my family and me. Either way, my dignity will still be intact and my road to enhancing laws to help workplace bullying victims will take on another role. I will also continue to be the voice for other Verizon employees helping them to seek justice on many unethical, immoral and conspiracies they have covered up.

I can never be denied that I gave it my all, in the pursuit to justice, against one of the most powerful companies in the world. A company that told me to my face, that this day will never happen. They told me that justice will not be in my future simply because they have more money, power and resources to deny me of justice. I knew I could not be silent no longer when I saw the pain in so many lives. I just could not walk away, and let that happen!

One of my all-time favorite people to have ever lived was Dr. Martin Luther King. He once said:

Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter.
– Martin Luther King

So as of Tuesday I began to dedicate 100% to preparing for my trial. I took a mental break for some time now as it was well needed, but now the journey towards justice will begin.

I wanted to let all the people that have supported me throughout this journey that I’m not going away. My post will be limited on all the Facebook pages, and blogs only because my time is limited preparing for my trial. If at any time you truly need me, just send me an email or just call. I will only post very important information or changes to major issues until the trial is over.

A week prior to the trial, I will send out a reminder to all of you as many stated that would like to attend the trial. I will also send out a press release as well, to get the trial covered as this case will set precedence to so many within Verizon as well as outside of the company.

I thank you all, and Happy New Year – May God Bless all of us!

As Verizon would say: Making Progress Every Day!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

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