Today I read without a doubt the saddest story in over a year and a half since I decided to post my story about Verizon online. I also spoke to another Verizon employee today from NJ, and listed to his horrific story as well.

These stories never seem to stop coming in about working at Verizon and how employees are treated. From Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environments, Bullying, Targeting, Racist Attacks and Comments, Discrimination and downright an Abusive Work Culture at Verizon. Employees out on short and long term disabilities for stress, on medication for so many mental disorders, all caused by the mistreatment of Verizon. Families destroyed and many divorces caused by workplace issues at Verizon.

Today this Verizon Caucasian employee described to me how they have on camera with voice two Caucasian managers calling minority Verizon employees “Niggers.” These managers also stated how they hate working with these “Niggers.” He stated that Verizon was informed of this in New Jersey and did nothing about it. In fact, these managers are still on the Verizon property and never was disciplined or terminated for such racial acts.

He is still employed at Verizon but is “Bullied” and “Witnesses Bullying” often. He called to ask for help and guidance.

I know how hard it’s been for me and my family thorough this journey for justice. I know how hard it is for attorneys with limited resources to fight a giant of a company and their larger than life law firms as well, so by the grace of God – it’s now my obligation to help others.

I promised him after my trial there are many things I will do to ensure many within and former employees will have justice served against Verizon.

As I have listed to so much, spoke to employees, their union leaders and attorneys all across this county fighting against Verizon I decided to create a web site that will help them directly.

• I am in process of building an incredible wed site that will be bigger than life as we speak. It will be almost a duplicate of their logo with the name “Verizon Exposed.” It will contain:

o Every law suit that Verizon, Bell Atlantic, Nynex and New England Telephone ever had against them in history. This will help others to compile evidence that would normally be too expensive and time consuming to do. This will help attorneys and victims all across the country to will no longer get steamrolled by Verizon when they state it’s an isolated event when Verizon is right across the board enforces and supports unethical behaviors.

o It will have a section for customers to make complaints and every documented issues with Verizon and they will all be posted.

o It will have a “Most Wanted” section were every Bullying, Sexual Harasser, Racial Manager and Bad Behaving Managers names will be posted for other employees to be aware of and help to build cases against! This most wanted site will help to weed out the Bullies within Verizon and post them on a wall where others can see them, and help to build cases against them together. These managers if moved around can no longer be able to hide.

o This site will have video of Verizon managers acting badly and inappropriately to Verizon employees.

o It will have a list of Employment Attorneys all across the country that have had cases, presently having cases against Verizon. This will help the Verizon employees to secure attorneys that have experience fighting them. This list will be compiled to help these attorneys help one another. This will reduce the law firms cost and help them to fight these cases against Verizon.

o It will have thousands of stories told by Verizon employees for other to know they are not alone.

o It will show the world that this company that donated to sincerer causes like many victims of abuse and bullying for kids really are hypocrites and liars. We will show the world how Verizon really is from the inside out.

o I will post all their sponsors so we as Verizon abused victims can write these places and help to protest them.

o We will post all and any articles that highlight Verizon’s poor service like in New Jersey after the storm “Sandy.”

This is just the beginning, as my web designer is preparing this to go viral internationally to help others in the same conditions as these Verizon employees.

So to all Verizon employees, hold on there is more to come as were going to change history! The only way to beat the superior – is to unify and trust in God.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

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