Dias v Verizon

On Friday March 15th 2013, my family and I lost our trial in Boston Massachusetts against Verizon.  Over this past weekend I have been asked what happened and I describe it how I know best, I compare it to soccer.  It was like a soccer game, your team dominated 99% of the game, shot on goal 20 plus times, but the other team had one breakaway and won.  We were a better team, dominated the game and still lost.  The score does not in no way reflect the game. 

My attorney was perfection, she really was.  She did a great job and put the fear of God into a notable two worldwide companies like the Law Firm of Edwards and Wildman and Verizon.  They spent millions to fight this case, and flew in President Robert Mudge and Jack Conroy.  They had their new VP of Verizon New England sitting in the courtroom as well.  They also had Verizon head of legal and Verizon HR as well.  They flew in a witness as well, Mr. Rich Gittens a minority manager from PA just because he was black to show the jury for 5 minutes.  They did what they had to do, to continue up the reality that will continue to exist within Verizon.

Right before Christmas of 2012 Verizon offered me just under $500,000 to settle this case, shut my blog down, stop exposing them, silence my wife and I cannot write a book.  I would not be allowed to help others as well.  When most would have taken that and ran, I could not accept that, it made me sick to even think about it.  I am still very content that I did not expect their offer even knowing the odds in a trial by jury.  Why, it’s simple to me that would have gone against what I stood for over the last 9 years and that was to stop the injustice, racism and bullying from happening. If I would have taken that, the world would have never known the inside of Verizon and bullying would still continue to foster.  If a company like Verizon offers you almost $500,000, do you honestly think I was wrong?   

I would love to place you inside of the courtroom and tell you what happened but it’s not over.  I cannot explain to you at this moment about the next step of the process, but as you know were not through just yet.  I was always told, “When you lie, you have to lie again to cover that lie up and that cannot happen.”

Many Verizon managers took the stand to save their positions, and altered their testimonies while another took advantage of a paid weekend trip from Verizon, for 5 minutes.  They all had something in common.  They all forgot this was Federal Court and it was documented and recorded.  When you perjure your testimony and especially in Federal Court there are possible criminal penalties.  Like the rules of life, there are rules in the courtroom and when they’re nor followed, the courts have consequences that are the LAW.

I was happy I told the truth as my family sat near to listen.  I have no shame, that I stood up against a company that treated me in such a way, it harmed my family forever.  As I sat there watching grown men and woman smirking at my children and wife throughout the week, and I had realized how bad they really are.  As I watched Director John Puopolo and Control Foreman Kathy Bertolino turn and look at children and wife and laugh and them when the verdict was read, told me so much about Verizon.       

But I knew when I walked out of that courtroom I was so proud of me, finally I was proud of me.  I was proud to know for 9 years, I never quit.  I did not do what so many management employees do at Verizon do each day, they quit on their courage and they quit on themselves. They have lost their manhood and get treated like a peasant and come back for more the next day.   So many complain of the torture and bullying and cry to other manager but do not make a stand for what was right.  So they get abused at work, treated horrible for what? 

Each day I tell my children to never quit on anything you believe in.  Like AOM Jim Fennell said, “Neal walked the walk.” 

I tell my children no one deserves to treat you bad, no one.  This past week they saw their father make the biggest stand against injustice, and even though they saw with their the lies, cover-ups and perjured statements with their own eyes, they cannot understand how we loss, how does that happen dad?  But it was on the way home when I realized what I taught my children was what really mattered.

My 17 year old son Sarandon said to me, as his mom was crying!  He said, “Dad, you’re a real man, they are not men none of them.  I am so proud of you as a man and father.  You did something many will never have the guts to do.  You raised us great dad and I am so proud to tell everyone you’re my dad.  I am going to raise my kids like you raised us dad.  And you know what were a great family and even though we will lose our home and everything we always have each other.  I am proud of you dad.”   

My mind is clear and I feel so much better that I had my voice heard but it is not over.  I have learned in court the jury only gets to hear 10% of your story and it’s different.  So I am so thankful my voice will not stop, through my blog, new web site being built and my book.  Through this my story can be told in full.  We are not done exposing companies like Verizon. But I have to take a break to gain control of my body and mind and so much time away from my family.

I am so thankful to all that have reached out to my family and I with so much love and compassion and we thank you. Without you and your comments, strength and courage I cannot tell you how much you saved my life as well.

As I stated right now I cannot get into this case just yet, with my opinions but will talk more at a later time.  If you’re a Verizon employee or an attorney fighting Verizon you need to look at my court case and you can retrieve it online.  Go to this link:  http://www.pacer.gov/

Today I was forwarded a text from Malcome Benvie.  If you can recall Mr. Malcome Benvie was the racist bullying equal opportunity offender manager that Verizon EEO “never investigated” when I went to them in 2005.  It said: “Hi Buzzy….heard Neil lost his court case…give him my regards…..hope all is well with you and your family….mal.”

Because you lose in court, does not mean they were right.  People still have not realized, it is not here on this earth what justice will be granted, it is with God.

Thank you so much!


Neal Dias