Verizon Partners with the Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and the city of Boston Public Schools to “Fight Bullying.”


Verizon stated in the article that: Because the Verizon Foundation recognizes how important it is that students understand their responsibility to behave appropriately and exhibit safe behavior online, it donated $15,000 to the school district’s Cyber Safety Campaign to support its Cyber Mentor program.


Acting appropriately Verizon stated:  well tell this to LeeAnne St. Pierre a single mother that worked out of New Bedford Massachusetts.  She was inappropriately touched by her boss a (a male well connected manager) and when she reported it, she was advised in writing by Verizon that: “He only touched you once!”  LeeAnne was placed back into the hands of her perpetrator, increased harassment and later terminated for reporting this sexual harassment claim within Verizon.


Tell this to two other female black managers that were being harassed racially and went to Verizon and Verizon told them if they decided to take the next step in pushing the issue, they would be blackballed like Neal Dias, and their careers would be over, nice way to threaten and stop workplace racism and bullying. 


Tell this to me who has suffered greatly for acting appropriate and trying to resolve bullying in the workplace and launched an internal investigation only to have Verizon respond like this:  The investigation yield that Benvie had a reputation of being a bully and an equal opportunity offender.  Race was not an issue with Benvie’s condescending and obnoxious behavior and inappropriate comments to almost everyone that he had contact with.  McGovern (Verizon EEO Officer) had substantiated complaints from Caucasian technicians concerning Benvie’s offensive management style.”


This is Verizon’s was of saying that if you bully everyone equally, then it’s legal and Verizon does not have to worry about any Civil Actions.


I was further harasses, bullying, endured racial harassment and comments, discriminated against made to now look like a trouble maker when just earlier I was a shining star within Verizon.


Tell this to the thousands of Verizon employees that have emailed me, called me, posted on my Facebook or blogs that Verizon; fully understands what it is to act appropriately in any environment. 


For Verizon to donate any amount of money to an anti-bullying cause and speak anywhere or to anyone about bullying is like – William J. Simons one of the founders in the history of the KKK to speak at an NAACP Convention.   Verizon has no business speaking about something they whole heartily condone.

I am going to send the Mayor and the Boston and the Boson Public School Superintendent a letter attaching my story about Verizon on just exactly how they do accept bullying, racism and sexual harassment.


I will post the addresses below of the Mayor, and the head of the Boston School Department, the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald newspapers. I urge you all from all over the Country who are employed at Verizon OR not,  to write in and please tell him about the ruthless and bullying company like Verizon and how they have destroyed your lives and the lives of your family members.

Please tell him to not allow our children to listen to hypocrites that condone abusive and violate acts, and not protect their employees.


Let them know that Verizon’s own Ethics Department receives over 104,000 unethical complaints each year. This is about 49% of Verizon’s employees complain of mistreatment each year (Verizon’s own statement in a Federal Deposition in spring of 2011).


The world needs to know Verizon hurt so many of their employees and their families each day, don’t let them but their silence. tatement in federal depositions in march of 2011), and it gets wiped under the table allowing employees to fend for themselves.

My state mayor and our kids in this great state have to stay away from the perpetrators of Verizon, bringing fake gifts in monetary values deceiving of what Verizon really is – lyres and bullies.

Help me tell the mayor and the school department break their ties and do not allow Verizon to speak about bullying.

Boston Mayor


Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino

1 City Hall Square, Suite 500

Boston, MA. 02201


Web Site:

Email Address:


Boston Public School Superintendent

Dr. Carol R. Johnson

26 Court Street

Boston, MA. 02108


Web Site:



Boston Globe

P.O. Box 55819

Boston, MA. 02205-5819


Boston Herald

70 Fargo St
Boston, MA 02210





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