Massachusetts Capital  / The House Bill 1766 – What an Honor!

On Tuesday June 25, 2013 I will be speaking at the Capital in Boston Massachusetts, in front of the “Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.”  The House Bill 1766 which address, “Workplace bullying, mobbing, and harassment, without regard to protected class status, is back on the table and we need to push this forward.

This Bill (if becomes law) will “never” help me or my family it’s too late, but will without a doubt, it will help the present and future employees here in Massachusetts.  Our children and the future of our children here in Massachusetts depend on this Bill.  It is critical that “all the law makers” in Massachusetts attend or support this bill when it lands on their desk.

In reality this Bill, and others like it around the Country (in about 25 other States) benefits both the employees are employers.  This Bill is not about increasing lawsuits when in fact will reduce them.  This Bill will in no way harm companies, but rather dramatically reduces work tensions, and increases a healthier work environment, which in the end will increase productivity.  It’s about accountability, taming the immoral and unacceptable behaviors that have fostered in our workplaces.  In the end, it will save lives and keep families together.

When I asked Verizon in 2005 to help, their answer after they completed a two year (in 2007) investigation was:

The investigation yield that Benvie had a reputation of being a BULLY and an equal opportunity offender.  Race was not an issue with Benvie’s condescending and obnoxious behavior and inappropriate comments to almost everyone that he had contact with.  McGovern had substantiated complaints from Caucasian technicians concerning Benvie’s offensive management style. Best simply had a foul mouth and did not differentiate between anyone with the manner in which she spoke.

Verizon accepts this behavior, and Verizon knew (when they responded in a position statement to the “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination (MCAD)” about my claim) that “No Law was broken.” 

If the “Bully” was an “Equal Opportunity Offender (as they stated),” as long as it was not Discriminatory, the Bully (who is still at Verizon – Mr. Malcome Benvie) behavior was completely acceptable within their environment.  You can Bully the employees within Verizon’s walls, as long as he / she does it to everyone, which he /she has for well to long.  So no law was broken!

I lost a hearty six figure income to now making $16.20 an hour for making a stand as my Human Rights was indeed violated, losing all I have worked so hard to gain in my life.

A female technician Leanne St. Pierre brought to the attention to Verizon a few years ago a situation.  She reported that her direct male manager touched her inappropriately, and Verizon responded to her in a position statement saying: “He only touched you once.”  Verizon left this manager leading over Leanne and she was eventually further harassed, bullies, tormented and the wrongfully terminated by her male boss she reported to Verizon EEO / Verizon Security.  She was put on the streets.  She is a single mother that went from earning well over a $70,000 income supporting her home and children with dignity to now in total dismay, her children paying the ultimate price, she’s broke!

Today both Leanne and I lost our positions at Verizon because we made a stand against inappropriate, unacceptable and immoral behavior because we stood alone.  Others need not to be where Leanne and I are.  It’s in every company, in every State and all over the world

The issue is worldwide but we need one State to set the momentum, so here, it is our time Massachusetts.

Workplace Bully is a problem that has invaded the life of 37% adult Americans without invitation. In its more severe forms, it triggers a host of stress-related health complications — hypertension, auto-immune disorders, depression, and anxiety to PTSD. The person’s immediate job and often career are often disrupted.

This has to change and today I am asking you to help make that change.  Verizon and other companies cannot respond to their employees like they have responded to Leanne and I.   The responses were cold, and with no care at all to our rights and families whom we both support.  It was done with no remorse or concern to your request as long as a law was not broken.  Verizon has destroyed our families, and its time other families in Massachusetts – no longer need to suffer.

I am truly honored to have been asked by State Representative Ellen Story to attend on Tuesday June 25th; as I know what I have to say is of value, and can make a difference, but you can do it was well.   Please take the time to write your Representative and Senator in this State and ask them to please support this Bill.  You can locate them from the link below, we can do this.


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King


Neal W. Dias

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