Verizon Employees and Verizon Consumers


I am doing a section in my book on specific stories on Verizon.  Along with this, I have a very unique web site being formatted when the book on Verizon is published as well with is going to have great detail on mountains of evidence and stories on hidden secrets of Verizon.


So what I’m looking for especially for my book is specific stories detailed and short on:

  • Verizon on Bullying
  • Verizon on Sexual Harassment
  • Verizon on False Work Ethics
  • Verizon on Lies to their Customers / Consumers
  • Verizon on Harassment
  • Verizon on Discrimination
  • Verizon on Racial Issues
  • Verizon Court Cases
  • Verizon Settlements
  • And Verizon stories in general that they don’t want the public to hear or see


Please email them to me at: fightingfor7years@hotmailcom or


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