Magnum Real Estate Group,


My name is Neal Dias and I will make this short.  You have recently came into an agreement with Verizon Communication is the sales of the 140 West Street Building in New York City.  Well you may be happy at what I have for you.

I have in my possession a very critical CD that I guarantee Verizon never shared with you.  About a year ago a CD turned up in my mail box with a very detailed note attached to it.  This CD is a floor by floor plan of all the asbestos and all other violations within that building. 

Apparently Verizon paid an independent contractor to come in and give them their processional inspection of every inch of that building and what they came up with is deadly.

Only a handful of people were given that CD and I have a few copies and a huge law firm in NY has one that I made them.  We believed based on the dates of this CD, many past and present employees are and were in danger.  Many we believe got ill and some passed on due to being in this building.  Things are progressing with this investigation and it maybe something that you may want to distance yourself with.

I will be releasing this CD soon enough on a WEB Site, along with everything else about them that I’m having built to expose Verizon for all the immoral things they have done over the history of their existence.

I will let you know the 10 Verizon executives and the four external contractors that have knowledge of this CD just to prove what I am stating is in fact true. 

All I’m telling you in this, Verizon is taking you and your company for a fool.

Sincerely yours,


Neal Dias