Today 9/20/2013 I received a letter from a Verizon employee in New York.  They spoke about following my post on line and commended me for what I was doing.

In the package, I also received the original note book that a manager at Verizon had, that all their notes were in it.  The managers (which the name does not need to me exposed at this time) was taking notes while at a Verizon managers meeting and what was taken, is disturbing but I was very knowledgeable  with their practices.

It was 12:00 noon in the note book, and the note stated: “Best practice in general is – Make the rep truly feel that you really care about them and their lives out of Verizon as well.  In turn they will care about what is most important to you at work, like objectives BENCKMARK.”

How sad is it that Verizon will continue to have manager meetings like this, and act like they care but truly could give to shit about you and your family.  They do this to manipulate you into believing they care, and in return you will fall for their deception and work harder for them.

I use to see this at the managers’ meetings all the time.  These same managers would get in these meetings and put all their technicians’ personal business out to everyone, and laugh at them.  They would also use this to gain personal knowledge of the techs to hopefully use it later in some form of discipline or revengeful acts.