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October 1, 2013 was my due date to turn in a complete and finished copy of my book about Verizon and Workplace Bullying.  My task is complete, and the book is finished, but there is an issue.

Two weeks ago I was reading over my book, and I began to see so much hatred towards my former bosses Paul McCarthy and Patty Regan and others at Verizon including Verizon itself, for what they did to my family and I.  I did not like what I saw in my own book at times. 

The pain my family and I have endured has been beyond description, and as much as I have thought about retaliation in a major form (from time-to-time) towards these individuals.  But I am thankful for the person that I have become over the years to not have not acted out on my thoughts.  I know what I credit that too is my family.  Whenever I have any thoughts of anger that crosses my mind, I look at them and I don’t ever want to lose what I have, and have my freedom taken from me.

So I saw so much hatred, and the way it was expressed in my book made me upset at the person they made me become.

So, what I did was contact my publisher, and postpone the deadline for a few more months.  I want to remove myself from this book, take time to spend with my family, revise and improve my story then send out positive message from the hell that I endured at Verizon.

My original goal when I decided to write this book, was to tell my story of what Verizon put us through as a family, the failure in the judicial system in every way when it comes to issues like this, the emotional and financial hardship we went through and how we as a country and corporations can help to change this problem.  I eventually want High Schools, Colleges / Universities, Ethics Educators and Corporations to learn from Verizon.  I want them to institute my book as part of an educations format as well.  And eventually I will get this to a movie producer to further enhance this story.  So in order for my message to be influential I have to do this right.

I thank all of you for sharing so many of your stories with me, and like I promised many will be in the book.  I wish I could place them all in there buy with over 1,000 stories and many thousands of comment, it’s impossible, but they all will be on the Verizon Bulling site that I am having created for 2014. 

I am glad to state that I just received notice that my second book will be in the stores in two weeks. 

Please expect this Verizon book in the stores soon, and thank you as always for all your support and prayers!


“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

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