Verizon Employees – I Need You’re Help!



            There is not a day that goes by that I am not contacted by an employee, attorneys, or the media in relation to Verizon.  Many things are coming down the pike and I’m excited to continue to expose them for what they really are and how they treat their employees.


I was recently contacted by a reported that was working on a story about Verizon which is very damaging to Verizon.  Once he was working on it, it disappeared and his leads dwindled away.  I was able to locate this link below and I need you to read it, and help me to help him get this story.


So my contact (this journalist) is researching a magazine story on this “Verizon Bob” in this article and would appreciate “ANY” information from former Verizon employees who know anything it this article below.


This was an article that was posted on the “Verizon Security Blog” post:


If you have any information you can contact me or my contact journalist directly. 


Neal Dias:

Rene Chun:



Thank you,


Neal Dias