A Journalist is researching the “Bob” outsourcing story that broke in January 2013 on the Verizon Security Blog. See original post here:




Anyone with information on this story (e.g. what is “Bob’s” real name?, what company did he work?, where is he now?, etc.) should contact Rene Chun: rene.chun@gmail.com


Mr. Chun is a New York-based journalist. He has written for The New York Times, the Atlantic, Esquire, GQ and many other popular publications.


I already have gained information on this for Rene, but were looking at completing the puzzle.  This is a very important and damaging situation for Verizon, so please help.  You can contact me: Neal Dias on facebook, email me at justicefor7@yahoo.com, or call me at 774-991-3663.


We promise to never disclose were we got this information.


Bob (not real name) if you can, you as well can contact me or Rene, we will never tell that you contacted us either.