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Verizon present and former Employees that are in need of my testimony:

I have been getting notification from a few former Verizon Employees and law firms asking me if I could please testify in their behalf.  I have absolutely no problem doing so in any state within the borders of this country.

If at any time you need my expert testimony or an official document signed for summary of judgment, I will do it.

Below is an example of what your attorneys can put together for me to sign, and it can be submitted onto court.  What Verizon does in each case it make the courts believe that it’s an isolated incident, when in fact it’s a companywide issue of the very poor and illegal practices that are taken place at Verizon each day.

So if you need me, or any other employees or customers you know who is filing a lawsuit against Verizon, I will testify.

Review below for your attorney:

Attorney’s Office and information

COURT and the STATE of the court

Plaintiff, v. VERIZON Defendants.


Assigned for all purposes to Honorable


Complaint Filed: Hearing: Time: Place:

I, NEAL DIAS, hereby declare as follows:

1. I am a former employee if VERIZON communications from _____ to _______. I was employed as a manager. In my role as a manager, I have personal knowledge of the following and if called upon to testify could and would competently testify hereto as follows;

2. In my personal experience, as well as based upon the experiences of others I have witnessed, as soon as a report of unethical, or illegal behavior is made to VERIZON’s corporate security, or VERIZON’s ethics department, the complaints would be communicated to management in the associated organization.

3. As a management employee for VERIZON I am also aware of the practice of VERIZON to “blacklist” employees who have filed lawsuits against the corporation. As soon as the lawsuit

DECLARATION OF NEAL DIAS IN OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANTS’ MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT is filed, the fact that the lawsuit has been filed is noted in the organization and throughout the effected district. As such, any hiring managers are notified that the potential employee “comes with baggage” which means the employee is not desirable due to the fact that the employee has initiated a law suit, or otherwise complained internally of unethical or unlawful acts on the part of other VERIZON employees.

4. I am aware that VERIZON has a policy of against harassment and unlawful discrimination. The policy is not followed at all, and in fact anyone who attempts to utilize any of the procedures in that policy will most likely wind up being targeted for retaliation up to and including termination.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed on December _____, 2013 in ______________, ___________________. ____________________________ Neal Dias


Verizon’s Deceptive Marketing Practices makes Headlines once again!


If you have a question or complaint about Verizon telephone or Verizon FIOS, local regulators handle those issues.

Example in:


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King


Neal W. Dias

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