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Victims of Workplace Bullying
I have been approached by a Director that is in process of putting together a Documentary on Workplace Bullying. I am honored that I will be a part of this and will be interviewed on my Workplace experience while working at Verizon.
I did advised him that over these past few years, sadly to say I have received thousands of stories about all of your experiences inside and outside of Verizon. He did ask if I could please pass this on, as he wou…ld like to have more people to interview. As you can see below, he was a victim and decided to do something on a larger level, congratulation to him. Please contact him, if you’re interested in being a part of this documentary!
His name is Richard and here is what he said as well as the link to the Documentary:
I work for a large employer and was bullied at my job for several years and have observed it happening to my coworkers as well. It was through the help of an attorney that I was able to find relief from my bullying at work. However, I continue to see friends and coworkers being bullied at work and want more than anything to be able to stop this type of harassment. I have decided to create a documentary highlighting workplace bullying as a way to hopefully help other people in similar situations. I know that it’s a hard road to bring attention to this aspect of bullying because people don’t see bullying as something that happens to adults. I am looking for other victims of workplace bullying to come forward and share their story on this documentary. If you feel like you have a story to share, and are willing to speak out against these injustices, please contact me as soon as possible. The more stories we share, the more of an impact this documentary will make, and the more we can hope to make changes!
413.370.2400 516.953.4171
Web Site:
Thanks again, Neal Dias (Workplace Bullying Victim of Verizon Communications)