10 years ago I made a stand and that was to not allow myself to further see witness the victimization of the employees of Verizon. When I became a manager at Verizon I thought it was an American Dream, but instead it was a nightmare that still has not ended.  


I was promoted and never though my training and expectations were to destroy others’ lives, within the company. I never knew a company like Verizon actually trains managers to sabotage, set-up and create havoc in their employees lives, truly believing that it will empower them to be more productive, our of fear.  I never knew HR and Corporate Security would train managers how to build strong cases against Verizon employees to limit success of these employees when entering litigation in it ever ends up in court.  That theory does not work in our times.  Putting fear in lives of people because you employee them, constitutes as an immoral and un-American Company.


I was being trained to target workers and when I refused to act out their beliefs, I was targeted, harassed, discriminated, called racial names and treated poorly for my ethnicity and then fired (wrongfully terminated).


It has been my motivation through thousands of you to keep up a good fight. Your encouragement, sad stories and devastating outcomes continue to keep me going, for all of you and myself.  If I choose 10 years ago not walk away from harm before, and jeopardize all I had, then now having nothing makes me more powerful, because now, I have nothing to lose at all.


The next phase is here! This is the building of the truth behind the walls of Verizon.  I will continue to fight for what is right and this includes the Exposing of Verizon’s Poor and Illegal Terroristic Acts to its employees, the consumers, and each state that that they do business in.  Over the last few years the mountain of evidence, stories, articles I found and that was sent to me is so overwhelming to say the least, which even I am shocked they have gotten away with so much for so long.  I kind of know why?  You see, there is no one place that people can go to, to see it all, to visually see it all.  Soon there will be a place for all including layers from all over the country as this will help all your cases, and future cases as well including more class action suits for Verizon’s negligence to correct Verizon’s poor behaviors.



The attached outline is what my next focus is on. Over the past 3 years, I have receives thousands of stories, hundreds of links to Verizon’s illegal and criminal acts to so many and I have gathered it for a reason, and that time is upon us.


Within a few months, this attached outline will have hundreds of pages for the World to see just how Verizon treats us all. It will be outlined by states, employee’s stories and or complaints, consumer’s issues and the flat out screwing of Verizon to all our states.   This will be posted everywhere, and sent to millions of companies, shareholders, and so many news outlets all over the World. I have said this over and over again to you all, “One voice of pain, will echo to millions wanted to change things.”


So I ask you to please forward this on, to all 235,000 employees at Verizon internally and externally. Send this to customers of Verizon and continue to send me articles on Verizon, and in a few months the web site and this running photo and data will be live.


Sent me more stories and the state you are from and let us tell the World what has and continued to happen to employees at Verizon. It’s just the beginning of Justice!!!!


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

 -Dr. Martin Luther King


Neal W. Dias




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