WE NEED YOUR HELP in Massachusetts!


These House reps from the Tea Party strongly oppose the Healthy Workplace Bill, HB 1766, and are preventing the bill from moving forward. We ask you to call or email all of these reps THIS WEEK, especially if you are a constituent of one of them (feel free to contact all of them even if you aren’t). Share your personal story, share info on costs to businesses (Letter #2 here: http://www.mahealthyworkplace.com/support/howtosupport.html), and give them this info: http://www.mahealthyworkplace.com/MAWorkplaceBullyingFactSheet3.pdf

The reps:

Leah Cole, Peabody, 617-722-2430, Leah.Cole@mahouse.gov

Geoff Diehl, Whitman, 617-722-2810, Geoff.Diehl@mahouse.gov

Marc Lombardo, Billerica, 617-722-2460, Marc.Lombardo@mahouse.gov

James Lyons, Andover, 617-722-2014, James.Lyons@mahouse.gov

Shaunna O’Connell, Taunton, 617-722-2305, Shaunna.O’Connell@mahouse.gov

Keiko Orrall, Lakeville, 617-722-2090, Keiko.Orrall@mahouse.gov

We also ask that you spread the word to others (especially residents of these towns) to contact these reps.


Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates



Neal Dias