Verizon Class Action Suit – its time

The time has come and we have plenty of names, stories and plenty of evidence from across the country to go forward in a Class Action Suit against Verizon Communication. Like anything; especially in our US Court System (which is quite corrupted) there is no guarantee of success. But what helps a class action suit is the similar circumstances that caused by a company (here being Verizon) to many victims, (being you in both Union and Management) that caused you any pain and suffering. In a class action suit a victim is not judged my color, religion statue, sexual preference or gender, it is the unified violation here being the Verizon Code of Conduct and the US Laws.

1. What is a class action?
A class action is a type of lawsuit in which the claims and rights of many people are decided in a single case. Specific plaintiffs are named in the lawsuit to assert the claims of the entire class so that everyone with the same claim or injury doesn’t have to file their own separate lawsuit. Also, because they allow people whose damages are too small to warrant an individual lawsuit to try their cases together, class actions can often be the only practical way to stop illegal practices and recover ill-gotten gains. Class action suits have allowed individual people to stand up against the most powerful industries in the world and to hold them accountable for their actions.
You see as many of you have expressed, you are having a hard time taking on Verizon by yourself and many attorneys will not take the case. Why is that? It is because it’s very expensive and Verizon has endless financial resources to drain an average and / or small law firm, it becomes almost impossible to win, but you can win.

Here are a few question and answers for all of you to read in reference to a class action which

2. What types of cases can be brought as class actions?
Employment Class Actions: Employment class action lawsuits are typically brought on behalf of employees of a company for violations of the Labor Code, such as unpaid overtime, failure to provide breaks, as well as claims ranging from safety violations to systematic workplace discrimination.

3. How does a case become a class action?
A class action is generally initiated by one or more people who feel that they, along with a group of other people, have been wronged. A lawyer then files suit on behalf of the individual(s) and the class. At the appropriate time, the lawyer files a motion asking the court to formally recognize the case as a class action. If the court grants that motion, the other people who were similarly wronged are notified of the class action and are given an opportunity to participate in the class action as a member of the “class.”

4. How many people are needed for a class action?
Although it sometimes helps if several people are named as plaintiffs in the suit, a single person is generally enough to file a lawsuit so long as the attorney for the class has a good faith belief that a number of other people were injured in a similar way. It generally takes at least 30-50 people with similar claims, and sometimes many more, to qualify as a class action.

5. How much does a class action cost?
Generally, the lawyer advances all of the costs and fees and, if the lawsuit is successful, petitions the court to award attorney fees and reimburse out-of-pocket costs. If the case is unsuccessful, the plaintiff’s lawyer absorbs the loss.

6. Why would I want my case to become a class action?
People have different reasons for taking part in class actions. Many class members take pride in forcing a giant corporation that is breaking the law to change its ways and in helping to recover often millions of dollars for the other victims. Others bring class actions to recover money that was illegally taken from them, recognizing that they couldn’t afford to pay a lawyer’s hourly fees to bring an individual suit and that their individual claim isn’t large enough to attract a lawyer who works on contingency.

7. Are class representatives entitled to any additional compensation?
If a class action is successful in winning relief for the class, most courts, understanding that class actions can be a powerful tool for consumers’ rights in society and are to be encouraged, provide class representatives with “incentive awards.” Judges are typically given broad discretion in deciding whether these awards are appropriate and in setting the amounts of the awards, which can range from hundreds of dollars to over $50,000. In deciding how much, if anything, to award to the class representatives, courts look at factors such as the amount of involvement of the class representative and the size of the recovery for the class. Typically, the Mills Firm has been able to secure an award of $20,000 for the class representative.

8. How do I choose a class action attorney?
There are many very good class action attorneys in the United States. Because class action law is fairly specialized, you should look for an attorney with significant class action experience. Additionally, because there are many different types of class actions, look for a lawyer who has specific experience in the type of class action you wish to bring. In other words, an attorney who regularly brings consumer class actions might not be the best choice for a securities class action and vice-versa. Finally, it is a good idea to ask any lawyer you’re considering a lot of questions before hiring him or her. For example, you might want to find out if he or she or a subordinate will be the “lead attorney” on your case. You should also ask how many cases the firm is currently handling – is yours going to be one of 30 or one of 300? Make sure you understand what’s expected of you as the class representative, and always insist on a written representation agreement.

Today it’s time for all of you at Verizon to join in and make Verizon Accountable for years of ABUSIVE BEHAVIORS. I am going to file a Class Action Lawsuit against Verizon on behalf of management and union members for:
• Abuse of power
• Intentional infliction causing emotion pain and suffering and physical pain
• Loss of quality of life
• Emotional distress
• Causing and supporting a hostile work environment
• Negligence to correct the action
• Undue Stress
• Willful and malicious abuse causing severe emotional distress
• Creating and supporting an abusive work environment
• And Pain and suffering

So what do we do and from here? It is very hard to do this with one person, and try and locate a law firm all across the country in each state, it would take too long. But if many of us on our own just Google “Class Action Attorneys or Class Action Law Firms”” in each of our own state we can achieve this goal very fast. If we do this from every part of this country we can and will locate a firm to take this case on. You can go on their web sites and get the email for each attorney or partner it’s easy.

Below I will provide a short letter asking if the law firm would like to represent the past and many present victims of Verizon Abusive Behaviors that caused many, such harm.

Once we find a law firm I will post on all the Facebook pages and both my WordPress pages as well as email every newspapers and media sources in the country. I also have the emails of all you CWA / IBEW Union Heads and offices all across the country and have been emailing them information for the past few years as well. Some post and others do not but I will send to all of them anyway. I also will be sending this to all your CWA / IBEW offices as well after this is posted asking them to get this message out as well.

For the employees at Verizon pass this on by word internal emails, text messages and post on union board in every office in the country pass this word on in every way you can.
We are going to use their own Verizon Code of Conduct against them. They printed their laws but never follow them unless it’s convenient for them. It’s time to use it in our favor and expose the truth about Verizon.

USE THIS LETTER and fill in the blanks with the Attorney’s Name or Law Firm, if a Class Action Firm does not specialize in our type of case, they may refer to get a refer fee, so let them decide and just email it out to them:

Dear Attorney ———–,

There are several of us at Verizon from across the country that has evidence to prove that Verizon has treated its employees in a harmful manner that has violated our human rights and the laws of our great country. The abuse has taken place for several years and has caused past and present employees emotional devastation. So today, many of us have decided to reach out across the country looking for a law firm to represent us in a court of law.

We need to know that you have no affiliation whatsoever with Verizon Communication. As this lawsuit will be against them!

It has been too many years that we have suffered from:
• Abuse of power
• Intentional infliction causing emotion pain and suffering and physical pain
• Loss of quality of life
• Emotional distress
• The Causing and supporting a hostile work environment
• Negligence to correct the action
• Undue Stress
• Willful and malicious abuse causing severe emotional distress
• Creating and supporting an abusive work environment
• And Pain and suffering

We are requesting if your firm would represent us on behalf of many managers and union members. We will provide you endless facts, evidence, grievances filed, arbitrations hearings dates and time, deposition to prove it’s not an isolated event and in fact is the culture expected from the top down.

The person leading this class action lawsuit if Mr. Neal W. Dias and you can reach him at: 774-991-4949, or Mr. Dias intern will notify all of us if your firm will represent us and then we will provide you with all the essential evidence, statements and whatever else you need to win this case.

We hope that you and your law firm seriously consider taking on this case, as we need to find a resolution and finally justice for these criminal acts caused by Verizon.

Sincerely yours,

(Your name and contact information)

Everyone, without a doubt, this action demanding a Healthier Work Environment will gain national attention and when we get a law firm to take this on this case will possible make history on change and an Unprecedented Monetary Value, and this is the only way Verizon will listen.

I do believe if it goes forward, it will be the most historic and largest class action law suit in the history of this country again for Verizon for the abusive behavior which has caused so many (in the past and the present) loss of their quality of their life. It is time that we unify together to do this to complaint against them for creating such an intolerable work environment.

So many of you complained for too long and nothing has been done because you have done in on your own but in a group we can win.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”-Martin Luther King

Neal W. Dias


Let’s rally around this cause to fight back.

I am starting a fund raiser page to raise money to build a unified web site to help the victims of Verizon’s abusive tactics for both the employees and consumers.

This will be a web site that will house endless information that Verizon has prevented both employees and consumers from having.

The web site cost approximately $1,000 to build and $149 a month to host, as it will be used as a blog page as well. After being a Victim of Verizon, I had no information and guidance in my fight for Justice, so this page will be designed to help so many.

Verizon receives thousands of complaints of abusive behaviors while doing nothing to protect their employees.

Neal Dias (Victim of Verizon)

VERIZON EMPLOYEES – Victims of Verizon

As stated a few weeks ago, I have court records of Verizon management stating some very crucial and damaging information on their policies at Verizon. Things that they hold other Verizon Employees accountable for but when asked under pains and penalties in depositions they downplayed their own Verizon Code of Conduct and their discipline measures. Verizon’s own EEO stated the high level of complaints that come in are basically astronomical.

I completed the list of depositions that I have as they are all managers from Verizon from Massachusetts in various positons but Jim Fennell (from Verizon Legal), Paul McGovern (from Verizon EEO),Debra Lombard (Verizon Corporate Security) and Paul McGovern (Verizon EEO) and company representatives.

The Depositions that I have:
Paul McGovern (Verizon EEO) – 183 pages
Jim Fennell (AOM for I&M / Verizon Legal – 141 pages
Patty Regan (AOM for I&M / FIOS) – 133 pages
Malcome Benvie (1st level manager for I&M) – 147 pages
Laz Lopez (AOM for I&M) – 104 pages
Katherine Bertolino (1st Level manager – Construction office) – 139 pages
Debra Lombard (Verizon Corporate Security) – 87 pages
Robert Glynn (Director) – 127 pages
Paul McCarthy (AOM – Construction) – 197/152 pages (349 pages total).

Staples Charges .10 per copy and I will ship them out of Providence Rhode Island from zip code 02903. So as I stated I do not want any money for this and will be offering up any and all records I have per email for the motions I have on file that I can email to you. The paper copies of these depositions you have to figure out which ones you would like to have, pay for the copies to be made (at .10 per copy), shipping cost (from Providence RI 02903)and the boxes to ship it in from the US Post Office.

I will get them to you no problem at all.

Do send me your request to: This why I can make sure I get them to you, as there has been an overwhelming request to me since I posted this a few weeks ago. The request came in to me my email, Facebook, text and I need to organize this to make sure it’s done right and you get what you need. Provide me all you shipping information and contact information and I will call you to confirm.



Verizon is always in the news for screwing someone:

Verizon Employees

I have something that many of you will be able to use for your fight for justice against Verizon. As you many of you know it’s been a long battle and I loss after 8 years of fighting. My loss was not because of my attorney and her lack of knowledge or preparation for my case and trial, but it was for certain because of Judge Nathaniel Gorton a Federal Courts Judge in Boston Massachusetts that placed well prepared roadblocks in our way just a day before my trial, preventing justice. My attorney won on every front from the depositions, to motions and at the trial, but we did not take home the verdict that we rightly deserved and justice was never served against these Verizon Perpetrators.

So what do I have for all of you?

Well, everything I did was a learning curve and I gained so much knowledge in the process, which I will be sharing in my book that will be released in due time about Verizon, Workplace Bullying and the Process to Justice.

So much time and research was done by myself and my attorneys and why let it go to waste. So what I am offering you is this. I have all the court records in my care, depositions in hand from Verizon Corporate Security, Verizon EEO and other Verizon Managers that state critical information in them that can save your unions halls, your attorneys and union arbitrators so much money and time. You will see how Verizon and their attorneys play their attack and stated things that they discipline and punish you for, but yet stated no great value to importance on.

Good example is this: Many of you have been held to the high standards of the Verizon Code of Conduct and have either been suspended; loss pays, and or been terminated because of these rules. But while I was sitting in depositions in 2011, I heard Verizon state and it was documented in depositions that “the Verizon Business Code of Conduct is just a guideline and downgraded the significance of the Verizon rules as it not to be taken seriously.” This is from management themselves and this is powerful!

So much is in the depositions and there all yours, if anyone ever needs them. For the depositions I cannot afford to make the copies for all of you but if at any time you want the copies and mailed to you, I would go to Staples on my own time and have them copied and mailed to you right from them. You can even call to check the fees and you can pay for it to be done. This is no cost to me and I am making nothing out of it but to help you out, if I can help you win an infraction against Verizon that means the world to me.

Second, all the internet motions and responses from Verizon I have and court documents, I will email them to you directly as I have others that have battles with Verizon as we speak, at no cost to you at all, but just to help you.

My attorney must have done a great job as in December of 2012 Verizon offered me just shy of $500,000 to go away and settle and I told the time —- themselves.

So it’s all yours, if you need these items, just email me what you want and they we can go from there.

Also by the way a class action lawsuit against Verizon is in the making and I am heading this campaign, when I find a firm to take it, I will post it and you can add your name to it.

Soon I will have a streamed line database for all of you to have to access poor managers within Verizon and locate so much critical data on Verizon as employees and consumers, something that was never ever done before and should have.

Sincerely yours,

Neal W. Dias

My Story:

My Speeches:
Capital Confidential – New York’s Capital Newspaper

Neal Dias, Verizon-displaced bullied target, supports WBI, Healthy Workplace Bill, and Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week, National Press Club, Oct. 15, 2012. Tells his personal story.

Mr. Richard Santiage the producer for “The Bully Exposed” will be on the air tonight, and is looking for callers to listen in and or call in to the show about their workplace issues.

It’s on or you can listen in and or call into 702-731-1230. The time is 6:00 pm PST or EST 9:00 EST.


WE NEED YOUR HELP in Massachusetts!


These House reps from the Tea Party strongly oppose the Healthy Workplace Bill, HB 1766, and are preventing the bill from moving forward. We ask you to call or email all of these reps THIS WEEK, especially if you are a constituent of one of them (feel free to contact all of them even if you aren’t). Share your personal story, share info on costs to businesses (Letter #2 here:, and give them this info:

The reps:

Leah Cole, Peabody, 617-722-2430,

Geoff Diehl, Whitman, 617-722-2810,

Marc Lombardo, Billerica, 617-722-2460,

James Lyons, Andover, 617-722-2014,

Shaunna O’Connell, Taunton, 617-722-2305, Shaunna.O’

Keiko Orrall, Lakeville, 617-722-2090,

We also ask that you spread the word to others (especially residents of these towns) to contact these reps.


Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates


Neal Dias

My friend Rich from “theBULLYexposed” will be on a radio show on June 21 11am-1pm PST and June 26 2pm-3pm PST. He’s looking for anyone who wants to tell their story on Workplace Bullying.  Please call him at 413-370-2400, in order to get the information on the radio show so you will be prepared to talk live.




You can also Post your story on so we can read it.


let’s make history.!/pages/Special-Delivery-The-Bully-Exposed/153707821506679




I was locked out of my fightingfor7years@hotmail acct, so if you need to reach out ot me far any reason, contact me at:



Dear Attorney —-,



My name is Neal Dias and I am from Swansea Massachusetts. I am in need of a “Labor and / or an Employment Attorney” and law firm that has the ability, knowledge and the guts to appeal a case at the highest level of our judicial system, The US Supreme Courts.


I have no interest in any monetary reward in a verdict in my favor as I am offering you and your law form 100% of the winnings. I am not fighting or have never fought this fight for any monetary reward but for principal.  What happened to me while working at Verizon Communications and several others is complete disregard to our human rights! My ultimate goal was and still is to help set a momentum for many others in similar situations of racial discrimination, retaliation, a hostile work environment and workplace bullying (to all colors and nationalities) within our US Boarders and Corporations, and especially Verizon Communications.  The company that I am fighting against is Verizon Communications.  They had once expressed to me face-to-face that they have deep pockets, and those pockets are for you and your law firm if you choose.


Upon the closing of my case at my trial in March 15, 2013, the judge that I had expressed to the jury during closing arguments that my damagers were $1,700,000.00, and unlimited punitive and compensatory damages, if indeed they found Verizon maliciously treated me the way that I had described. He then stated that there “monetary damages” are like having an open check and the jury can write it for whatever they want.  So my case is a double to triple digit multi-million dollar case, for all the right reason, I was victimized with complete evidence and proof.


So why am I seeking another law firm verses the one that has been with me through this whole battle. Well they simply cannot go to this level and respectively advised me to seek a firm that can!


My former firm was great and I have not one issue with the great job they did on my case and between the motions and trial. They won in every way but the decisions with the jury, but that was only because the US Federal Judge ensured there were roadblock for her to loose.  This I have proof of and this is the appeal I am asking you to fight for.      




Here is the rundown of what the judge did leading up to my trial and I believe there was judicial prejudice in his behalf.


Prior to last March (before my trial) we had to all sit with a former Federal Judge in mediation (which I will supply you with the name) in Boston, to see if we can come to an agreement. She expressed to me that the Federal Judge that I had that will hear my case, Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton (who was nominated by President George H.W Bush on April 28, 1992) would never allow my case to be the victor, and I would be defeated because of this judge.  She stated that he does not favor discrimination cases, and you will lose when he proceeds over your case if he even lets your discrimination case be heard.  She stated that I should take the $500,000 that Verizon wants to give me, shut all my public sites and Facebook accounts exposing Verizon down and walk away.  My attorney and the attorneys from Verizon “Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge” started the same on this Judge’s history as well and that I should do the same.  I immediately wrote a letter to the US Attorney General’s Office as soon as I was advised of this judicial unjust situation, and thank God I did (three years prior to my trial about this judge and what they stated).  I was advised to wait until the trial was completed, and not it was and it turned out exactly like they all stated. I have the record of the letter I sent over a year prior to this case.  It was never about the money to me, it was about keeping my voice and not giving them my life and to make a stand for what is right.


To me, I found that to be a damn shame that a US Federal Court Judge has a poor history like this and I well known for denying or swaying certain types of cases like this, when in fact he’s supposed to never judge a certain group or predetermining and outcome of a case plus denying ones justice – how sad.  This is why many have lost faith in our corrupt justice system.  Judgments are bought by the rich, powerful and famous.   Major Corporations beat down the ones with no financial resources to seek the proper justice, and often companies like Verizon will call in a favor after donating millions to politicians granting them bought justice.


So going into my trial in March of 2013, we were up against a judge that already decided my cases, based on the conversation of a former Federal Judge and now a mediator, and two attorneys mine and Verizon, this is illegal and I EXPECT JUSTICE, and want a new trial.


Leading up to the trial on March 11, 2013, Verizon had put in several motions to dismiss my case in parts. I had a Discrimination case, a hostile work environment and a wrongful termination case against Verizon.  All three cases were strong and over and over against for years leading up to my trial we won ALL our judgments and motions, and all three were supposed to be heard in my trial.


Verizon then took one more shot and challenged the motion (and possibly paid for this to be overturned) of my discrimination part of my case to be thrown out and directed it to Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton, who Verizon knew he would throw it out. So on March 7, 2013 (that Friday before my trial was to start), I was notified that Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton had thrown out my Discrimination a major part of my case, and only allowed hostile work environment and a wrongful termination parts to be heard beginning on Monday March 11th.  It was a slam dunk for Verizon as the jury would not be able to hear any evidence from January of 2004 – February of 2006.  Two years, and one month of brutal racist torment, workplace bullying and complete disrespectful and retaliatory treatment of what happened to me, prior to the leading up to my termination, “will not be heard now with that decision,” by Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton – my case was over.  It’s like purchasing a 10 chapter book and starting in chapter 7, you will never understand what’s really happening, and this is what the Judge did.  Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton knew he just determined the outcome to my case, and based on the prejudicial information I had already heard about this judge, it all came into place as planed as they stated it would.


Not only did Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton deny my case to have been heard as all the other Judges and motions were allowed prior to him, he placed a few more devastating roadblocks in our case to ensure I would never win my case.


The Judge advised my attorney that she had only “8 hours” to prove my case. This included opening arguments, cross examination, evidence from witnesses, and closing arguments.  This forced my attorney to dismiss several witnesses for me, and had to rush through years of work in only a few minutes leaving out many critical things that needed to be shown.  Each time she spoke, he would start a timer, and after she spoke he would tell her exactly how minutes she had remaining to prove her case.


On Monday, we had the jury selection. Now I first want to outline my family.  My wife is white and she’s Irish.  So this makes my children Cape Verdean and Irish.  My children are both black and white (mixed).  We’ve been together over 25 years and married for 22.  I lived in Swansea my whole life besides when I went into the US Marines.  I am in no way racist but I am knowledgeable of the fact of life and perception really matters.


So on Monday a jury was picked, and a jury of my peers as one would state. There were 11 white jurors and 1 woman from India.  Many of these jurors were from the Boston area and of the Irish decent.  The Verizon employees were also born and from the Boston area and were white Irish as well.  Now the juries goal was to come up with a verdict on a black man (a victim), against a few white Irish Catholics out of Boston.  The jury was more of a peer to them (the criminals / perpetrators), then they were to me.


Second fact that the judge knew was, no white catholic Irish jury was ever going to side with a black man against a white Irish catholic Verizon Managers from the same area that would never happen. Just recently Boston Massachusetts was ranked the 3rd most racist city in the United States and so I should have placed the noose around my neck for them instead of waiting 5 days for a verdict.  I was hung the minute the jury was chosen.   My father in-law whose who is dear to my heart said the same thing, the minute he saw the jut on that Monday as well – it was over, and I would not win my case  with that jury.  This was viewed through my attorney’s eyes and many other white former Verizon employees and friends that sat with me as well, in that courtroom that I had no chance.


So the Judge never allowed me a jury of my peers as well. The judge stated that I had to win by unanimous decision and Verizon did not have to.  If only one juror sided against me, that’s all that Verizon needed to win so the judge had me against every odds of winning.


Another major decision my Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton was that on Monday he handed out to both my attorney and the Verizon attorneys, on what is called; “The Jury Instructions.” A jury instruction gives the jury an outline of the fact that they will look at and decide on when deciding the case.  This is what he was going to hand out to the jurors on Friday.  My attorney quickly objected and it was not correct as to the facts that were going to be discussed during the week and the jury instruction needed to be repaired.  Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton stated that he would correct it by Friday prior to handing it out to the Jury.  Well when Friday came, Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton “NEVER” made the corrections and the jury was handed the same screwed up instruction that he stated would be corrected to help them come to a clear and righteous decision.  His answer was, it will be fine, and it wasn’t.


On Friday he gave the jury there instructions and advised them that they will make a decision by 5:00 pm that day, it will not go into another day. This was uncalled for and inappropriate behavior by a Federal Judge knowing he is placing an enormous amount of pressure on them to force a decision and they will be afraid of not coming back with a decision my 5:00 pm.


Well four hours later after receiving there instructions, the jury came back and had a question on the jury instructions that were messed up and the Judge never repaired. At 5:00 pm on March 15, 2013 the just as forced by the Judge came back and ruled in Verizon’s favor – I lost!


Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton should have never heard my case as he record favors either a denial of discrimination cases, or they end up losing based on his past records. He also should have never removed critical evidence and dates from the juries instruction deciding my faith, when in fact it was the juries responsibility to decide on the evidence in front of them, the courts made a critical error in judgment costing me my life and the lives of many other victims in Verizon in the similar situation.


You see my case was a historic verdict and Verizon knew this and called in all their favors to ensure I would never win. No one in the history of Verizon has taken them to this world wide level of exposure, as I will provide you with my story and several links to view to prove what I am stating.      


I am now a victim of Verizon and our failed judicial system, and see why many oppose what’s happening each day from within. Voices like mine are being unheard and over shadowed by a dirty system.


We immediately appealed the trial based on the courts negligence as you will see my attorneys write up, and of course the three Federal Appeals Judges are right in the same building right down the hall from their brother (fellow judge) who proceeded over my case. I strongly believed that they viewed my case based on the relationships they have with each justices in that courthouse, which again is judicial prejudice.  My case need to be heard elsewhere at the next step is the US Supreme Courts.      


Attached is my story, a few articles on me, a few of my speaking engagements. If you and your law firm decide to seek interest in this case, I will forward you all my motions, the courts decisions on my appeal and the US Supreme Courts Regulation on filing my appeal, and whatever you need you will have.  I have also attached over 500 stories that have been sent to me or posted on my sites.  In addition I am sending you the wonderful support letters that I have received as well, and this is the reason why I cannot quit.


I have 90 day from June 5, 2014 to file so I need an attorney as soon as possible. 100% of the verdict is yours, if you decide to take on my case, win the appeal from the US Supreme Court and win the trial.  I will not settle out of court, I will keep my voice!  This is the agreement!


So in fact the most your law firms loses if we do not win the US Supreme Verdict is a few hours of writing the motions, which most of it will be uses from my previous attorneys motions, and the submission fee. If it goes in your favor, it could be the largest win in your law firm’s history and you help to change laws in our country and help to gain the momentum of many other lawsuits against Verizon.  In fact, I am heading a class action suit for many victims within Verizon as we speak and I have obtained thousands of stories that I have tirelessly been working on to expose them and will once completed, I have that to help obtain a law form for them and this includes all the evidence as well I will turn over to the right firm.      


Court cases have been turned over at the US Supreme Court level for the simple reason that many political and personal ties are impart of many legal decisions at the lower lever and lower Federal Level as well. You figure Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton and the other three Federal Appeal Court Judges possibly dine together, are possibly part of the same cultures and have the same friends as well.  They work together each day and speak about cases they have seen and others disputed as well.  They will portray this does not happen, and all there cases are given an equal shot at justice with not prejudice involved, but remember they are human.


The US Supreme Court level, they don’t dine together with the lower level and judgment is made on facts of misjudgment and laws that were not followed, like my case with Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton.


I think you have the basic picture and I can answer any questions you have and have unlimited documented proofs as well as my depositions, paperwork and facts to win but I needed your help, and I need this fast. Like is stated my case was strong, and my attorney did great and won but the justice system failed and that’s out loophole to this appeal.

If in fact you as an attorney or law firm cannot take this case on, can you please forward my letter onto someone that you may thing will take a more serious look at taking it on. I do not have time and my voice is speaking for hundreds of thousands of others suffering from the same things my family and I are suffering from now, being a double victim.  A victim of corporate America and a victim of our judicial system!


I do understand the incredible odds of the US Supreme Court overturning this case, as its about 1 to 500 chance of doing so, way higher than even the US Federal Appeals Court, but I believe when they see the fabricated judicial conspiracy and the judicial prejudice that took place here in Boston, this may provide us the chance of justice.


I will also be reaching out to hundreds of law firms, people and will do whatever I can over the next 80 days right up until my deadline. I was brought up by my father after my mom passed away when I was eight, to never quit.  I was them programmed by the US Marines to never quit. And then I have always been inspired my Country as an American to never quit, so I cannot quit.  I just have too much heart to quit until I have exhausted all my avenues in this legal battle.





Neal W. Dias




 My Story:



My Speeches:

Capital Confidential – New York’s Capital Newspaper



Was invited by Representative Katherine M. Clark to speak in front of the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, a public hearing for HB 1766 “The Healthy Workplace Bill.” June 25, 2013



Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in Boston Massachusetts July 7, 2012 (Video):



Healthy Workplace Bill Press Conference in New York April 30, 2012 (Video):




Civil Rights and Anti-Bullying Leadership Summit in Hartford Connecticut at the Legislators Building, August 9, 2012

**(Neal W. Dias – fast forward to 02:41:56 – 02:56:09)**



National Workplace

Bullying Press Conference in Washington DC October 15th 2012



 Huffington Post Article:

Title: Verizon: Plenty Of Good Middle Class Jobs But Would You Want To Work There?