OSHA / Verizon – Investigation

Verizon Employees -“It’s your turn!”

If you can recall a month or so ago, I had advised all the employees of Verizon through Facebook, Personal Emails, and Every IBEW/CWA union hall across the country and both my blogs that I will be personally bringing many illegal and unsafe work practices to OSHA attention about “Verizon.”

I stated that after I place all the facts of Verizon Illegal and unsafe work practices and environments on the laps of OSHA, and they conduct a follow up call, there will be a time for you to step forward and follow through with your voices.

I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE! It will take all of us to hold Verizon accountable for the past, present and future abuse that employees at Verizon have had to tolerate this. Verizon is ignorant and their abusive and use malicious tactics against you the employee. So our mission is to unite, and stand up now! I have heard your stories and now it’s time for you to tell the people who can help. It is your time, so if you do not step up not – you have not right to complain any further.

So I received great news from OSHA. I spoke to two investigators from OSHA two weeks ago. We spoke about the claims that I had made about Verizon and the historical and continued unhealthy and unsafe working conditions at Verizon across the country. I then received a follow up letter and they explained to me what the next step was, in order to pursue an investigation into Verizon.

The letter stated:

Also as discussed, should a current employee have information which demonstrates a violation of the OSHA standards we would be happy to take their written letter of complaint. Or, in the alternative, should a current or former employee wish to register a complaint and wish to remain anonymous, the process available would be the non-formal, phone/fax process. A complainant would need to include the exact nature of the alleged hazard (s) and the basis of the caller’s knowledge, as well as, the information can be relayed to the OSHA area office closets to the work location. To find contact information for your local OSHA area office, please use the following web link –

Verizon is already at the top of OSHA’s list for having the most safety violations in the country as well as “cooking the books” a polite way of saying Verizon “LIES,” and was caught by OSHA. So they already know, Verizon has no credibility and have no care for its employees.

So what is next –“MAKE THE COMPLAINT INTO OSHA – ASAP.” We cannot let this die out, as what is happening is all the truth. Below is the link and guidelines to making an official complaint to OSHA.

Main Address if you want to mail a letter in:

Occupational Safety Health and Administration

Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA

Mr. David Michaels

200 Constitutional Ave NW,

Washington, DC. 20210

You then can use my letter that I had already written to OSHA if you belies that all or portions of the safety violations do exist. I will attach the link below, of my letter that I wrote to OSHA for your convenience. Use it, as they are already well informed of it. Use my name as well whatever you need to do. This is for your safety and the safety of so many they have neglected to protect and punished for greed.

All your locals’ union halls from Your Presidents Offices in Washington DC to every one across this country in both IBEW/CWA will also have this emailed to them. Ensure it is posted on all your web sites, Facebook accounts and email it out. Do whatever you can to ensure all 235,000 employees get this letter. OSHA is a well-respected Federal Agency that does not care who or what you are. They do not care if your #1 in the world or the worse company, they will investigate and punish.

It is your time to act, for the best interest of all of your CWA / IBEW Members.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

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