Lawsuits Against Verizon Allege Exposure from Lead-Acid Batteries


Four lawsuits have been filed against Verizon for injuries sustained from inhalation of hazardous substances. Please pass this on to as many Verizon employees as possible as I know in each garage, supply room and or central offices these batteries are exposed and numerous Verizon employees have been exposed and suffered a great deal.

Verizon employees contact an attorney and have them contact the law offices of:

Brett J. Preston, C. Benjamin Salango and Dan R. Snuffer of Preston & Salango PLLC; J. Kristopher Cormany of Cormany Law PLLC; and R. Ray Lovejoy II of Lovejoy Law Office PLLC. Located in West Virginia.

The case number is: Kanawha Circuit Court case numbers: 13-C-1478, 13-C-1479, 13-C-1480, 13-C-1481

Verizon continues to place their employees in harm’s way each day, but never take the time to ensure they will no longer suffer and be safe – over greed.

Pass this on, because you know Verizon will not tell you.


Neal Dias