To all Verizon employees (past and present),

Over the last few months have been crazy ever since I posted my blog page ( and opened a Facebook (Verizon Raped My Family) about Verizon.

First I would like to thank everyone for the support, comments and feedback.  You cannot imagine the endless emails, hits to the blog page and calls that I have received.  I had the opportunity to communicate with so many people from all over the country.   I have heard so many stories mainly about Verizon but from other companies as well.

Before I explain why I am writing this letter, as promised I will provide you all with an update to my Federal case against Verizon.

I am still waiting for the judge to provide us with an oral argument.  We completed our summary judgment which is an argument that states why I deserve a trial.  Verizon also filed stating why I did not deserve a trial, and that my case should be thrown out.

I originally won in summary judgment in early 2011 and was granted a trial already by my previous judge that would have begun sometime in October 2011, but then she decided to retire to teach at Harvard.  We were forced to go through summary judgment again, as was assigned a new judge to my case.

So this is the hold up, as we are waiting for a decision from my new judge?  I pray that once again my family has the opportunity to finally seek justice and my story needs to be heard.  This February marks 8 years I have been fighting Verizon seeing justice, and I refuse to quit!

As soon as I hear something I will contact all of you.  Because I do not write often on facebook or my blog page, does not mean I forgot all of you, I have not.  I will write when it is important.

Now to my reasoning to why I want to contact all of you today.  There have been over 7,000 hits to my blog page, in just a few months “,” numerous calls to my cell phone, and letters to my email addresses.

I am happy to let you all k now that I have helped several Verizon employees past and present file initial complaint in process of a suit against Verizon.  I have also helped others by providing their attorneys with vital information they needed to make additional complaints against Verizon in suits that are in progress.  I have also helped to get other Verizon employees, and their attorneys make contact to work together on cases against Verizon, so this is all great stuff.

This would have never happened unless I had express the disgust in which my family, and I have had to endure.  This would have never happened if you all did not tell your friends and family about my story and passed it on, so thank you for that – keep up the great work!

Some of you have been advised by Verizon management that you cannot talk about my story while on company property, do not listen to them.  This is your constitutional right to express you voice and opinion.  Do not let Verizon suppress the truth of injustice and continued abuse.

Today I am writing you as the next stage of this fight is on.  I have been contacted by so many, seeking a “Class Action Suit” against Verizon.  This suit is for abusive misconduct, discrimination, harassment, racism, unethical behavior and just about any unethical violation that Verizon has bestowed upon their employees past and present.  If you were forced to retire because of the abuse, this may also be apart of the class action suit.  If they have forced you into seeking medical treatment, this is for you.

What is needed initially is:

  • Your story in simple terms, later when their will be a sit down or conversation over the phone, you can get in greater detail when speaking to the investigators or attorneys.
  • Your contact information.
  • What state you live in?
  • What you did or do at Verizon.
  • How many years you had or have in the company.
  • If you retired and when.
  • Management or union?

This information will only be transferred to a law firm, and will not be put out for any personal use.

There will be other information asked of you later, this is just the beginning.

Just for you to know, I am or will not be apart of this Class Action Law Suit as I am already in Federal Court with my own suit.  I will head the action of this Class Action Suit process for all of you as the coordinator.  Once I get all the initial information and employees’ stories over the next few months, I will transfer them to the attorney / attorney’s that will Head the Class Action Suit Against Verizon, then you will be personally notified.

Please email the information to my personal email .  If you have any questions, do not post them on facebook or on my blog page, Verizon is monitoring it.  Just send it to my email address.

A start towards justice,

Neal W. Dias