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First I wanted to say thank you as always for your support and prayers, in the end that is all that matters. 


Life is about good memories and the quality of time we spend on this earth with our loved ones and our friends.  There is an evil part of life that we all have to deal with, and as we know, that’s not the fun part.


Today for my family it was another landmark in our lives towards seeking justice.  It’s been a fight that has personally drained my life, and the lives of my family, but it was necessary.  I never believed in backing down from any fight both physically and judicially, and never will. 


Verizon has done the unthinkable, and that is treating not just me but over 104,000 employees poorly each year.  They get away with this simply because of their financial backing, so justice is often deterred.  Most victims of Verizon back down from standing up from themselves, because they cannot afford a fight. 


Today as I sat there on the 7th floor of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit Court House in Boston Massachusetts, listening to my attorney fight for me, and Six Verizon Attorneys in presence for them.  I am and always will be proud of my attorney as she was a great voice for me and today was no different, she did a great job!


Well now we wait and see what happens, as it’s a huge decision but a very important one at that.  Three Federal Judges listened in, and two of the three have to weigh the decision.  I am grateful they took the time to hear it, and I pray that it’s in my favor based on the law presented to them.  It is now in their hands and the hands of the Lord.  May God Bless them in their decision, and give them the vision to see that justice was not rendered yet.


Ty as always for everything,




Tomorrow I’m in Boston at the federal courthouse on my appeal against Verizon. I pray that justice is done, and the courts allow me to be heard. So tomorrow is a big day for my family and so many victims at Verizon and elsewhere that have suffered from bad behavior at work! Lord, please grant me justice!