Everyone, Massachusetts is one of a few top States in the Country that’s very close to having a “Healthy Workplace Bill” closer to becoming Law.  I will tell you the importance of this bill and the ignorance if a company. 

Verizon knew that “Bullying was Legal,” so in their own words from Verizon’s EEO Officer from Verizon Headquarters, responded to the “Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination” in a positions statement, they stated: “An internal Investigation discovered that their Verizon Manager (Mr. Malcome Benvie) is historically a Bully but he’s an equal opportunity offender.

They admitted to offensive treatment of their manager style of Bullying was fine at Verizon, as long as you Bully everyone equally.

This law has to get passed.  If we wait, and our children or grandchildren complain to us about workplace bullies in the future, and we had a chance to make a difference but did not act on it, we lost our rights to complain later.

We need to send Verizon and companies like Verizon a message, “We will no longer tolerate abusive work behaviors, even if you do!” Please read and post the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill on your pages.  Help pass this on!


Thank you!

Neal Dias